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Harvard Business Review (HBR) Welcomes Charos Boboyorova to its Advisory Council

Charos Boboyorova, a leading no-code/low-code expert, recently became the inaugural female member from Uzbekistan to join Harvard Business Review’s prestigious Advisory Council. In her role as a Council member, Charos will utilize her expertise and insights to influence the content of HBR, ensuring its continued relevance and timeliness.

Having achieved success in the realm of no-code technology, Charos has worked with a diverse range of clients, from fledgling startups to large-scale international organizations. Her extensive experience makes her an invaluable asset to discussions surrounding a variety of topics, including the employment of no-code/low-code tools to facilitate the cost-effective and timely launch of MVPs for businesses.

As a premier hub for intelligent management strategies, Harvard Business Review offers a comprehensive suite of resources, including its flagship magazine, publications, and digital assets on By furnishing professionals worldwide with in-depth knowledge and top-tier methodologies, Harvard Business Review strives to equip individuals with the skills necessary to effectively guide both themselves and their organizations, with the ultimate goal of creating a positive impact.

Charos holds a strong admiration for HBR, citing HBR’s 10 Must Reads on Women and Leadership as her favorite publication. This compendium of essays chronicles the professional experiences of successful women in the workforce and delves into topics such as the challenges facing women in positions of power, gender biases, the limitations of diversity initiatives, and career development. Notably, the book features an interview with Sheryl Sandberg that Charos found particularly motivating.

“It is with great honor and enthusiasm that I accept an invitation to join the Harvard Business Review Advisory Council,” said Charos. “This role is a tremendous opportunity for me to contribute to the Harvard Business Review’s mission of inspiring and empowering the world’s leading business thinkers and leaders.”

In addition to lending her expertise on pertinent subjects, Charos, as a member of the Advisory Council, will supply feedback on HBR’s editorial and design. She will also partake in roundtable discussions and extend guidance on topics that align with her areas of expertise. Furthermore, she may receive invitations to speak at HBR events or contribute to the publication.

With her longstanding admiration for HBR, Charos Boboyorova is now poised to contribute to steering the magazine’s future course. Her participation in shaping the direction of the publication is a testament to her dedication and expertise in the field, and HBR looks forward to the valuable insights she will provide as a member of the Advisory Council.


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