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Heirloom Stills Correcting Misconceptions, Stereotypes and Creating Memories with Photography

Photographs are a good way of keeping a memory alive. They are also a practical way of creating an impression and telling a story exactly the way we want to be perceived. And thanks to the rapid growth of technology and the popularity of smartphones that could function as digital cameras with high-capacity pixels, anyone could take any photographs they want in whatever way they want. 

However, understanding a story, understanding someone’s journey, what they’ve been through, what they are letting out and letting go is an art that very few people have mastered and committed to. Through a journey spanning several years, Heidi Walt is one person who understands what it means to be creative and understands what it means to create a memory and impression. She understands how important it is to help her clients get the experience that they enjoy and help create an heirloom that they can treasure throughout their lifetime. In the Dover, Delaware area is Heirloom Stills Studio, where images and memories are created daily.

Heirloom Stills Photography Studio is a 21st-century studio committed to its mission to empower through the celebration of beautiful and artful human masterpieces while offering a unique and high-value boudoir experience and superb quality wall art products. Heirloom is regarded as a place where women assume the position of queens while creating memories for their kingdoms. According to Founder and CEO Heidi Walt, Heirloom Stills is more than just a photo studio that creates photographs for social media, unlike several other photo studios, because aside from the high-quality images which have become a signature of Heirloom Stills, the studio is also responsible for some of the best thought wall art that everyone treasures.

Heirloom Stills services a general audience; however, extra attention is paid to a demographic of moms who want to remember who they are and ignore the stereotypes of being a cook, a cleaning lady, a chauffeur, or just a spouse. Heirloom Stills wants every woman to realize that regardless of being a mother of two or three kids or being the stay-at-home mom or the woman who is always at home dealing with housework, they can also create whatever impression they want to and be remembered for whatever they so desire.

Heidi does not doubt the extent to which Heirloom Stills can go in the next five years. Still, being realistic in her expectations, she hopes that in half a decade, the Heirloom can become an anchor in the community and a thriving business that is known for amazing service delivery, customer care sessions, and more importantly, “our Heirloom Products that we can give to people.”

Heirloom Stills is also out to correct the perception that Boudoir is synonymous with nude pictures. “Boudoir can mean many different things to people, but to us, it is a word that gives women empowerment to step out of their comfort zones, to release their fears and to see themselves as the queens that they are,” Heidi said.

Learn more about Heirloom Stills or book a session by visiting their website.

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