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Herb Dorow’s Vision for Resilient Communities

Photo Courtesy: Herb Dorow
Photo Courtesy: Herb Dorow

By: Joshua Finley

Herb Dorow stands out as a passionate advocate for tailored solutions and proactive risk management in community insurance. As the founder of Condo Insurance Pros, Herb brings over two decades of experience in navigating the intricate landscape of condominium association insurance. His commitment to personalized service and local presence underscores his company’s approach to protecting properties and enhancing community resilience.

Why Local Presence Matters

Herb Dorow and his team at Condo Insurance Pros recognize the unique challenges faced by condominium associations, especially in underserved regions. During a recent interview, Herb pointed out the severe impact of property losses and the reluctance of national carriers to operate in these areas. “Very few national carriers want to work where there are severe property losses from weather-related events,” Herb explained, emphasizing the need for specialized insurance solutions that cater specifically to coastal exposures and other regional risks.

To address these gaps, Condo Insurance Pros has taken a proactive step by establishing a physical office in Dallas. Herb highlighted this move as pivotal in fostering closer relationships within new markets and gaining first hand insights into local insurance needs. This local presence enhances their responsiveness and allows them to advocate effectively for the communities they serve.

Herb Dorow's Vision for Resilient Communities

Photo Courtesy: Herb Dorow

Three Essential Considerations for Condo Association Management

Managing a condo association involves intricate planning and meticulous oversight. Herb shared three crucial factors that condominium boards should prioritize to ensure comprehensive insurance coverage and operational resilience:

Specialized Insurance Expertise

“Specialized insurance is crucial,” Herb emphasized. Condo Insurance Pros prides itself on deep expertise in condominium insurance, understanding the nuances of coverage requirements and risk mitigation strategies specific to community associations. This expertise ensures that condominium boards receive tailored insurance solutions that adequately protect their properties and assets.

Reserve Studies and Long-Term Planning

Condo associations must conduct reserve studies to assess the lifespan, anticipated maintenance costs, and funding strategies for buildings and assets within their community. Herb stressed the importance of proactive planning, particularly for major expenditures like roof replacements or structural repairs. “A reserve study outlines a clear plan of action,” Herb noted, underscoring its role in financial stability and sustainable property management.

Vendor Contracts and Risk Management

Effective vendor management is another critical aspect of condo association management. Herb highlighted the significance of thorough contract evaluations, ensuring that vendors maintain adequate insurance coverage and adhere to stringent risk management protocols. “Contracts should include provisions for insurance coverage and indemnity,” Herb advised, emphasizing the need for comprehensive protection against liability and unforeseen damages.

Empowering Condo Associations Through Collaboration

As Herb and his team continue to expand Condo Insurance Pros’ footprint in underserved markets, they remain committed to empowering condo associations through collaboration and advocacy. Herb’s call to action resonates with community leaders and board members, urging them to prioritize insurance preparedness and proactive risk management strategies.

“Investing in specialized insurance and proactive planning is crucial,” Herb emphasizes. His vision for Condo Insurance Pros extends beyond immediate protection, aiming to build long-term resilience and security for condominium communities across diverse landscapes.


Through his leadership and advocacy, Herb Dorow continues to pave the way for proactive risk management and sustainable community development in the insurance sector. As Condo Insurance Pros expands its reach and capabilities, Herb remains dedicated to safeguarding communities and enhancing the quality of life for residents across the regions they serve.

Learn more about Condo Insurance Pros and reach out by visiting their website.

About Condo Insurance Pros

Condo Insurance Pros specializes in simplifying community insurance, driven by their team’s years of experience and dedication to protecting your home. Meticulous attention to detail is at the core of their approach. By collaborating with leading carriers, Condo Insurance Pros ensures top-quality coverage that goes beyond immediate protection. They also anticipate and plan for the future needs of your condominium community, ensuring peace of mind for years to come. 

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