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Herbert Welch: From a Struggling Florida Kid to Stardom

Growing up in Mount Dora, Florida, Herbert Welch always knew music was his passion, right from when he started singing as a child in the church. He had a passion he held through the years, even before he started singing in local restaurants, theatres, and venues. As a child, all he wanted to do was pursue that passion. The foundation of his artistry is deeply rooted in his ability to capture people’s attention anywhere he performed. His passion has seen him travel the world as a teenager doing background work (vocals) for different companies, established artists, and studios around the world.

As a teenager, music was a stopgap for Herbert, more like a coping mechanism. As he started making music, he had a lot of feelings bottled up inside of him, and instead of wallowing in self-pity, he would listen to his beats and lose all control momentarily. Now, Herbert believes it’s time to step out and show the world that it doesn’t matter who you are, where you are coming from, and what you have done; what matters is the goal you have to pursue.

He describes John Legend, Future, TI, and Rod Wave as some of his musical influences. According to him, these artists gave him the strength to begin writing his songs. He expresses himself and his feelings better using his lyrics, words, and phrases that perfectly describe what he is going through. He believes he is doing a great job because he is not only expressing himself the way he wants to, but the world is also hearing what they deserve to hear.

Herbert described himself as different from his competition because in everything he does, he is always looking to make a statement. He also believes his desire to make a difference and change the world, especially for kids who are currently in the same situations as he was growing up, sets him apart from his peers. All he does is make music with lyrical content and a message with which people can relate. He creates music that anyone from the age of 14 can listen to and enjoy, and his desire to see upcoming artists shine or support them and their brand is another thing that sets Herbert apart. On his motivation, he said, “You can do anything you put your mind to, You just have to rise above, believe in yourself and soar.”

Herbert admits that he got to where he is right now thanks to the support he received. Now it is the time for him to be there for someone else. Being a motivational speaker is also at the top of his list of plans for the next half a decade.

Herbert wants his story to motivate people and help them try and get out of their current situation and realize that they can do it too. “After all,  if I can do it, anyone can do it. But only if they set their minds to it,” he said.

To learn more, connect with Herbert on Instagram or donate to help him pursue his dream. 

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