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Here’s Why Fight Bananas Has Become a Leader in Top Notch Podcast Content

Fight Bananas is introducing their state-of-the-art podcast studio located in Pensacola, FL. Fight Bananas is an industry leader in combat sports reporting. They report on breaking news, fight predictions, and interview a number of guests, such as Roy Jones Jr. It all started with a passion for fighting and an idea for a podcast.

After major success, they needed a bigger studio. This futuristic studio is a whopping 6,000 sq. ft. of highly developed space. This spacious studio includes the following: surround sound, 4 Canon c300 cinema cameras, Zoom Live Trak L-12, L-8 Multi-Track Recorder with SD Mac Mini with Ableton, Pro Tools 4x Shure SM7B Microphones, various dynamic condenser microphones for extra guests, headphones by Audio Technica, Sony, and Samson 3-Point Neewer Lighting System, Canon Camcorder, Zoom 4K 2QN Video Recorder.

Having the latest and greatest equipment for the podcasting studio will give the Fight Bananas team a great space to produce high-quality content for their viewers. Typically, podcasts are audio-only which limits the content creator to only displaying their entertainment in one form of media. Having cinema-quality cameras to show video of the podcast hosts speaking gives the audience an audio and visual experience, thus making the quality of the content much better. Including multiple Shure SM7B microphones will ensure the best audio quality in the industry for podcasting, as seen on the biggest podcasts out there. 

It also is jam-packed with tons of amenities for guest enjoyment like a weight room, bar, stripper pole, photo booth, golf simulator, and a custom lounge area to enjoy the fights. This sets the scene for what you can expect at the Fight Bananas studio. It’s not all just fun and games. Their setup is seriously elaborate, fit to include the best technology needed.

They plan on interviewing lots of new talent in the future and entertaining many guests on their podcast.

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