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Here’s Why Michael Dobrov and United Group Development Have Become Big Names in Chicago Real Estate

Getting into real estate investing can be a daunting challenge. Most people will work all their lives to pick up one or two properties and put them under their name. Michael Dobrov of United Group Development is a cut above the rest in that he has grown his portfolio to several properties in record time. And we’re not just talking about a few dozen or even a few hundreds. Try 2,500 properties.

The founder and owner of United Group Development, Michael Dobrov, has become somewhat a legend in Chicago and the whole state of Illinois for his immensely successful work in real estate investing. He has been buying properties for many years and helping hundreds of people with services like short-term financing for commercial real estate. Given the sheer size of his domain, it’s safe to say that Michael Dobrov and United Group Development play a pivotal role in shaping Chicago’s real estate industry. 

Michael started in real estate quite early. His family was already into properties when he started, which helped give him a boost. “I lived in a household that regularly discussed things like the practical know-how of real estate,” shares Dobrov. “That gave me quite an interest in properties and realty.” Dobrov skipped college and moved straight into work after high school graduation.

United Group Development has reached out to hundreds of individuals and corporations and helped them with real estate needs after some time in the field. The company doesn’t sell property but primarily acquires and develops them. Focusing on that niche of real estate activity has done well for the company as it has now become one of the leading real estate firms in the state and even the country. United Group has now grown its revenue effectively to $1 billion since it began in 2014, making it an elite club of real estate investment players to reach ten figures in less than a decade.

In the last seven years, Michael Dobrov has developed more than 25 residential homes and over 2,000,000 square feet of commercial properties. He now has properties in Chicago, Northwestern Indiana, and Wisconsin, among many other areas in the United States. Dobrov’s near-accurate real estate foresight and knack for developing promising areas into large-scale condominiums and commercial regions have turned him into one of the northeast’s biggest property moguls. 

Michael made headlines a few years back for becoming the first real estate developer to finish a large-scale condominium conversion in Illinois. “Many tried to secure the conversion in the past but weren’t successful,” shares Dobrov. “Our tireless effort to work hand-in-hand with individual owners was key to completing the project.” United Group Development completed the condominium refurbishment project within a year.

True to its name, United Group Development’s mission is to unite people in one common goal. For the most part, it’s in the business of building and developing not just properties but communities. To this end, Michael works hand in hand with his family. His wife handles the books while his eleven-year-old daughter gets involved in its corporate social responsibility arm. United Group also regularly supports PAWS Chicago, a shelter for abandoned and stray animals. Together, the Dobrov family and the United Group Development team work hard to acquire, finance, and develop other areas in the United States. To learn more, visit its website.

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