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Hicham “Shaun” Tadlaoui Takes on Bigger Role With Paramount Residential Mortgage Group

Hicham “Shaun” Tadlaoui joins Paramount Residential Mortgage Group to further its mission of helping individuals make the best decisions when it comes to homeownership and property management. The expert has long been navigating the industry, and now he plans on taking this new endeavor to impact more people.

Paramount Residential Mortgage Group (PRMG) is one of the most successful companies in the mortgage industry. Serving clients from all walks of life since 2001, the company has long established itself as an authority and industry leader for more than two decades. PRMG is hailed as one of the top 25 leading lender brands across the country. It has played a crucial role in helping people purchase their dream homes, refinance their properties, and ensure that they are matched with the best residential properties their need.

PRMG traces its humble beginnings to being a team of three. Today, it has successfully scaled into a company with 230 branches nationwide and over 3,000 employees. As he joins this ever-growing family, Shaun has officially expressed his mission. “My commitment to you is to make sure you have excellent customer service and that your financial decision is well thought-out and planned.

Shaun feels that it is high time for him to join a company in the mortgage industry that is rooted in strong core values. PRMG also takes great pride in its corporate-casual environment and highly encourages its team to be themselves while growing around extraordinarily competent and innovative team members. “We provide opportunities for career growth and advancement to employees at all levels. In addition, PRMG offers excellent benefits and competitive compensation packages,” shared PRMG in an official statement. 

Shaun joined PRMG because he believes that the company embodies the same ideals that fuel his professional career. Although he graduated with an engineering degree, Shaun found his passion in the financial industry and eventually found his way into the mortgage industry.

Before joining PRMG, Shaun worked at Reeves Import Motorcars, first as a Volkswagen certified master sales consultant, then eventually getting promoted into a business development rep, webmaster, and BMW client advisor. Spreading his wings further, Shaun took his knowledge into the international landscape and joined Bert Smith International as a client advisor. Later on, he became a Maserati & McLaren Sales Manager.

Taking everything he learned from the automobile industry, Shaun then wanted to grow his knowledge and learn eagerly about mortgages. Eventually, in 2021, he earned his place at PRMG, where his career in mortgage quickly gained momentum. Despite only joining the team for a short time, Shaun is confident that he can carry PRMG’s mission fully because he, too, is fueled by the vision to help people acquire the homes they deserve. 

Besides his vast experiences in finance and mortgage, Shaun is also well-versed in multiple languages. He can speak English, French, and Arabic, making his addition to PRMG even more valuable.

Bringing with him his undeniable enthusiasm for learning something new, the world will surely hear more of Hicham “Shaun” Tadlaoui in the future as he slowly cements his name in the mortgage industry.To learn more about Hicham “Shaun” Tadlaoui, visit his Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn profiles.

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