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‘House Invasion: Original Soundtrack Album’ from the true crime series ‘House Invasion’ executive produced by Tiger King star Joe Exotic and JT Barnett, alongside Jonathan Hay

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Music has often been seen as an essential sidekick to moving pictures, magnifying emotions and accentuating the narrative. Rarely, however, has it been brought to the fore in the world of true crime documentaries until the release of the riveting ‘House Invasion: Original Soundtrack Album,’ a project where the music is as compelling as the narrative it accompanies.

Around three years ago, an article in Forbes Magazine hinted at a forthcoming true crime documentary, setting off a wave of anticipation. This upcoming offering was none other than ‘House Invasion,’ a project from the creative power duo of Tiger King’s original director and producer, JT Barnett, and the Netflix sensation himself, Joe Exotic. With their heralded collaboration on ‘Tiger King,’ which swept cultural conversations and earned six Emmy nominations, expectations ran high for ‘House Invasion.’

The intrigue deepened when it was announced that ‘House Invasion’ was centered on a spine-chilling occurrence in Jonathan Hay’s apartment. While managing a crisis situation involving hip-hop superstar Drake at St. Matthews’ Mallard Crossing, Hay was subjected to an armed invasion, an episode that holds this much-anticipated docuseries together. The victim was brutally bound, duct-taped and held captive for two harrowing hours on the fateful day of April 20th. The culprits later pleaded guilty to kidnapping and robbery charges and were sentenced to prison.

This riveting tale is given a new life in ‘House Invasion: Original Soundtrack Album,’ courtesy of the legendary New York-based Fat Beats Records. Nearly three decades into their illustrious journey, the iconic label distributed this album that presents an electrifying selection of tracks directly inspired by the events depicted in the documentary.

In a unique collaborative effort, Jonathan Hay, JT Barnett, Joe Exotic, and Techrow have ventured into uncharted territory to craft a soundtrack as engrossing as it transcends genres. This audacious project showcases a stunning array of sounds, from somber notes of dark electronic music to thrilling house music beats. But it certainly doesn’t stop there. The soundtrack also incorporates contemporary jazz tunes that skillfully blend with the diverse sonic elements.

Representing the deep-rooted creativity of diverse musical personalities, Louisville, Kentucky’s ‘House Invasion: Original Soundtrack Album’ bravely ventures into experimental territory. It encapsulates dark realities while taking listeners on a journey into a world filled with stirring house music beats and textured electronic sounds. The exceptional harmony of these diverging musical genres is a testimony to the inventive minds that shaped this project.

More than a mere accompaniment to the docuseries, the ‘House Invasion’ soundtrack stands brilliantly on its own. It is a body of work that can thrill and provide solace, much like the contrasting life experiences it aims to depict. This is a clear testament to the creative vision of the musical powerhouses and true crime veterans behind the project. This is epitomized by the poignant message carried in the album’s outro, ‘Evil Lurks in Elkhart, Indiana.’

To plunge into this audacious sonic experiment that is already creating ripples in the music world, tune into R.U.S.H. Music, Kingmaker Music, and Fat Beats Records.

‘House Invasion,’ alongside its engrossing soundtrack, offers a unique exploration of true crime through a well-spun narrative and an artfully curated soundtrack. With high expectations for what could be the most gripping piece from JT Barnett, Joe Exotic and William Moseley, ‘House Invasion’ continues to intrigue and excite audiences, promising a thrilling experience set against a backdrop of sonic marvels.

‘House Invasion’ is set in Louisville, Kentucky, at Mallard Crossing of St. Matthews. Showcasing a story of redemption and justice, the highly anticipated true crime documentary is executive produced by JT Barnett, Joe Exotic, William Moseley, Donna Bayers and Jonathan Hay. The ‘House Invasion: Original Soundtrack Album’ is now available through R.U.S.H. Music, Kingmaker Music and Fat Beats Records. Stay connected through their social media handles @netflix @fatbeats for more updates.

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