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How a Mother and US Navy Veteran Turned Her Life around through Real Estate

The real estate industry has provided growth opportunities for many women across the globe. It does not require one to finish a certain degree. One only needs to be tenacious enough to compete in its heavily saturated jungle and the willingness to succeed. Candy Bowen is among those who found her place in the real estate industry. But she exceeds what an average realtor does. Candy is one of the most trusted, top-producing agents in all of Arizona.

Candy Bowen is an associate broker who oversees a team of seasoned professionals who have closed over 150 transactions in 2020 and is close to hitting $50 million in sales within the year. After reaching incredible milestones in her career, she earned various accolades. Candy is dubbed as a Top Producing Award Winning Realtor, a notable real estate industry leader, and a social media influencer. She is also currently serving as the Chair of the Tucson Association of Realtors Young Professionals Network. On top of her busy life as a single mother, Candy is scaling her business to great heights. She is the true epitome of a lady boss, which makes it possible to run a multimillion-dollar business despite the odds.

ndy Bowen is a veteran. After her service in the US Navy, she landed an opportunity to become a Law Enforcement Park Ranger for Arizona State parks. But during her pregnancy, brought about by years of a struggling IVF journey, Candy realized that she no longer wanted to wear a gun to work and potentially risk her life while on the job for the sake of her son, Tanner, who is now five. Immediately, her priority after getting pregnant was to provide the best possible life for her children. That was when Candy grabbed the opportunity as a transaction coordinator for a large real estate company. She worked as a transaction coordinator for about 4 months and learned the ins and outs of the real estate transaction before deciding to get her real estate license and become a full time realtor.

“After getting my license, there were times I had to bring my very young baby to work with me and still managed to sell 50 houses and almost $10 million in volume in my first year, earn five National Association of Realtors designations, and be active in the Young Professionals Network, the women’s council of realtors and the veteran’s council of realtors which all led me to win Rookie of the Year in 2017,” recalled Candy Bowen.

The past four and a half years of Candy Bowen’s journey has been filled with more obstacles, including a difficult second pregnancy again through 5 rounds of IVF and a draining separation. But through it all, she chose to keep fighting. From a young age, growing up in a financially struggling family, she developed resourcefulness and big dreams. “Having really struggled in life led me to have the resilience for success that is unmatched by most people. Once I started in real estate I saw how successful I could become by being a resourceful, hard worker, really caring about my clients and giving back to those in need. I knew that I could provide my children with a better life than I had,” said Candy.

Candy Bowen also realized how she could uplift and provide opportunities for others through her success. But the entrepreneur sets her company apart from the rest of its competitors by hiring agents who are smart, driven, and genuinely care about their clients. Instead of hiring 30 agents who underperform, Candy prefers having two agents who deliver above and beyond expectations.

Candy Bowen fosters a working environment built on trust, joy, and motivation, believing that women do not have to compete against each other to be successful. Instead, she aims to be a role model that lifts others in life and in business. Candy also pays her success forward by giving back to worthy causes in her community, whether through time, money, or other kinds of support.

To learn more about Candy Bowen, visit her Instagram and website. You can also follow her on Tiktok.

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