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How CleanPro 360 Helped Maryland Businesses Stay Afloat During the Pandemic

CleanPro 360
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The pandemic has brought about several challenges, most notably in the commercial cleaning landscape. It caused a tremendous economic burden on millions of businesses, and many entrepreneurs faced the possibility of being closed down for good. Entrepreneurs had to make changes and adjust quickly to new CDC health guidelines and cleanliness standards. However, it was pretty challenging to immediately follow suit – especially during the onset of the pandemic when everything was chaotic. At this time, CleanPro 360 was providing Maryland businesses with facility cleaning solutions to help eliminate the spread of Covid-19. With CleanPro’s expert cleaning techniques and unparalleled passion for serving, it is no surprise that this cleaning company was one of the industry’s must-watch forces amid a global health crisis.  

Established by a purpose-driven self-starter, Corey Everhart, CleanPro 360 is a commercial cleaning company that speaks volumes of passion for community and dedication to cleaning excellence. Serving Maryland since 2008, CleanPro 360 has earned a stellar reputation for going the extra mile and keeping businesses cleaner and healthier in and around Baltimore, Maryland. For example, when everything was at a standstill during the crisis, CleanPro’s 24/7 emergency response disinfection cleaning helped prevent businesses from downtime. 

Photo Courtesy: CleanPro 360

CleanPro 360 also specializes in providing commercial facilities with routine cleaning services. These weekly services include floor vacuuming, hard floor sanitizing, dusting, contact point disinfection, waste removal, restroom cleanup, and more. Furthermore, customers receive a customized cleaning regimen specific to their businesses’ cleaning needs. CleanPro 360 also provides all special periodic maintenance services such as carpet cleaning, tile floor deep cleaning, grout color sealing, and VCT floor refinishing (tile strip and waxing). Simply put, CleanPro 360 is a one-stop shop for all things cleaning.

Although CleanPro 360 demonstrated prowess in the cleaning industry thanks to their expertise, they truly cemented the CleanPro name when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. When many thousands of businesses in and around Maryland were continuously struggling during the global health crisis, CleanPro cleaned day and night to help them keep afloat. They disinfected several commercial spaces using state-of-the-art equipment and eco-friendly cleaning solutions in cleaning facilities where COVID-19 was present. For this reason, CleanPro’s reputation goes beyond the cleaning industry, becoming one of the most helpful across all trades during the pandemic.  

CleanPro 360

Photo Courtesy: CleanPro 360

Having provided several businesses with COVID-19 disinfection services, CleanPro 360 has been one of the forces that have helped entrepreneurs and businesses stay open. Proving sincerity towards their clients, they have also provided proactive measures, such as promoting healthy cleaning practices. This way, companies are more empowered to create a healthy environment as the standard moving forward. 

As the pandemic continues to loom over the world’s shoulders, CleanPro 360 vows to be your Maryland cleaning service provider. CleanPro 360 will continue to provide Baltimore cleaning services that promote a clean and healthy workspace where businesses can thrive. Learn more about CleanPro 360 online at: or visit their Instagram: @cleanpro360

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