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How Daniel Kivo Helped Brands Become Industry Front-Runners

With thousands of brands mushrooming from virtually any part of the world today across all industries, it’s becoming increasingly challenging to rise to the top. Thankfully, entrepreneurs don’t have to do it alone. Daniel Kivo has been pushing brands out into the open with his unparalleled business strategies and techniques. Through the years, Daniel Kivo has played an integral role in the success of many business owners, and he shows no signs of stopping anytime soon.

Daniel Kivo has a proven track record of helping businesses position themselves for growth and profitability through strategic sourcing initiatives, optimization of return on human capital, and re-aligning departmental and individual goals with scaleable company objectives. Daniel Kivo is known for his dynamic leadership approach, which has pushed team members and business owners alike to push themselves outside self-limiting beliefs and boundaries. A savvy and enthusiastic leader, Daniel Kivo has led initiatives that helped brands mainstream processes and reach greater heights.

Daniel Kivo’s background is in human resources and finding the right talents for companies. But beyond helping his clients find the right team members, Daniel Kivo is a critical player in ensuring that brands are equipped with everything they need to succeed. He had driven meaningful change in executive management styles that led leaders to formulate better systems and processes for their brands. On a mission to create a lasting impact and build a legacy for his name, Daniel Kivo is always “looking to build your brand online.”

Daniel Kivo specializes in public relations and has recently joined PR giant Authority Titans. He is best known for his knowledge and expertise in media relations, crisis planning and communication, and overall brand development. 

After taking on many roles throughout his career, Daniel Kivo knows what makes a brand stand out regardless of how cutthroat its competition may be within a specific industry. He has joined the US Navy and later on attended Vanguard University to pursue a communication degree. After that, Daniel Kivo pursued a master’s degree from Claremont Graduate University.

Following such meaningful endeavors, Daniel Kivo joined various companies, including Showdown Events, Link Consulting, and Ace Parking. In 2019, after acquiring knowledge and experience from multiple industries, Daniel Kivo decided to build his own bruins Hire VA Now, a company dedicated to finding competent virtual assistants and matching them with the right companies. His company fills positions in different organizations, such as eCommerce, web development, and digital marketing.

As a business owner himself, Daniel Kivo understands how challenging it is to topple competition and rise above others. But thanks to his extensive and diverse background, the expert is able to equip business owners with the right blueprint geared towards successfully amplifying their brands out into the world. 

In addition, Daniel Kivo strives to provide his clients with the best customer service possible, taking calls 24/7 to assure his clients that he is there to genuinely listen and address their concerns. Daniel Kivo provides complete support from the ground up and will stop at nothing to ensure his clients’ needs are addressed with urgency and efficiency. 

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