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How Digitally-Focused Platform and Creative Agency The Fashionography is Prioritizing Current Events Alongside Fashion

by Darby Jones

The fashion industry has long been involved in societal issues and cultural world events, as designers, models and more use their clothes and platforms to send messages through their work. With the fashion industry being a $1.7 trillion industry as of 2021, according to Fashion United, their impact and reach is enormous.

With lots happening throughout the world right now, many in the fashion industry have been making their stances known. For example, global luxury giant Kering announced it would make a large donation to help support thousands of refugees that are escaping the crisis in Ukraine following the Russian invasion, and Italian fashion house Gucci announced a $500,000 donation to aid the efforts. Other major fashion companies, such as Nike, Net-a-Porter and Nike, are halting sales to Russia.

Another fashion company that is working to support worldwide cultural happenings is The Fashionography, a digital platform and creative agency that has spent the past seven years reporting the latest fashion trends, sharing original content and other relevant news. More recently, The Fashionography has been focusing on creating content related to important cultural subjects. 

The Fashionography has utilized its platform to show its support for Ukraine and its people. The platform teamed up with an all-Ukrainian creative team for an editorial shoot which also included interviews with Ukrainian models who shared their thoughts on the war, their hopes for the future and a foreword about Ukrainian DNA and the concept of freedom, written by Julia Kisla, a Ukrainian-born CEO of the Lions Management. Some of the featured creatives include Nastya Abramova, who spoke to some of Ukraine’s most brilliant minds and their inventions: X-Rays, helicopters, and more; Tanya Kizko, who spoke of her gratitude for her home country and the familial feeling she has when home; and Anastasiia Chuhunkina, who hopes for a stronger Ukraine in the future.

The editorial was shot by Jens Ingvarsson, a fashion photographer born in Zaporizhia, Ukraine, where a current tension around a nuclear power plant is taking place. The creative was conceived by Alexei Key, The Fashionography’s founder and creative director, who was born in Mariupol, Ukraine, the city that was under siege for over 2 months and resulted in one of the largest human tragedies in modern Europe. 

The piece also shares ways to support the people of Ukraine, such as visiting non-profit organization Razom (please hyperlink their website here), which coordinates volunteer groups and fundraising efforts, donating to Save the Children’s Ukraine Relief Fund, The International Committee of the Red Cross, United Help Ukraine and more.

In addition to sharing compelling content on its website and Instagram – which is followed by more than 237,000 followers, including industry leaders such as top casting director Piergiorgio Del Moro, supermodels Candice Swanepoel, Anna Ewers, and many more — The Fashionography also has a creative agency side to the business. With this, the company helps other brands with content creation, production services and brand consulting. Some of the renowned brands that The Fashionography has worked with include Chanel, Dior, The Lions Management, Tommy Hilfiger, Bottega Veneta and more.

To indulge in The Fashionography’s inspiring content or explore some of the work that the brand has completed through its creative agency, please visit their website and follow their Instagram.

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