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How EnrForce Changed Jill Williams Life With a Random Draw

Jill Williams
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Imagine the reaction Jill Williams had when she simply purchased 2 t-shirts and ended up winning a life-changing prize of a 2021 Ram Dually worth over 100k and 50k cash on top of that.

Well, her story is true and changed her life when she came across the company EnrForce, an apparel company that offers its customers incredible prizes like this one.

After winning this astounding prize, Jill told CEOs Nik and David how life had its tremendous challenges after she became disabled in a horse accident over a decade ago. Jill’s lack of mobility makes daily life extremely difficult, much less making a living, and she was struggling to do even that. Jill could not afford her phone and water bills when she entered the contest, and other expenses kept piling up.

That all changed when Jill was selected as the winner of a random draw in the latest Enrforce giveaway. Overnight, the Enrforce community helped improve Jill’s life. Enrforce recently delivered the Mint Ram Dually to Jill and was able to film her response and hear more of her story. “This is awesome! I’m in love!” Jill said when she received the delivery of the truck. “Anyone who knew me before my accident would say this is so ‘me,’ this is so Jill.”

With the recent winnings, Jill can finally get her head above water. She plans on improving her home, catching up on bills, and putting money aside to send her daughter off to college someday. In time, she would like to trade the truck for a vehicle specialized for her mobility.

Even so, the truck is a major windfall for her. “It’s a blessing, I’m sure you can tell, in this little tiny town, the dilapidated houses, I need rewiring, my hot water heater went out two weeks ago, I just found out I have a leak, all sorts of stuff is going on,” Jill said when she received the truck. “That will help me do a lot of work on my house.” Thanks to the Enrforce community, Jill’s living free of many of the financial difficulties she experienced in recent years. And she’s not alone! The best part is, while Jill’s story is life-changing and unique in its own way, Enrforce hosts giveaways every 6-8 weeks to customers through their mission to offer an opportunity to reach your fullest potential.

To this day, EnrForce has given away 15 vehicles along with hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash. Not only do they change the lives of their customers, but also the lives of veterans, and they don’t plan on stopping. With more winners, the company can further its core mission of improving the lives of its customers and bringing more visibility and support to our veterans.


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