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How Entrepreneur GiGi Diaz Beat the Odds to Reach Success

Hustling is not a new concept to many women who juggle several roles while building a business or career at the same time. Entrepreneur GiGi Diaz hustled her way into establishing her first business at the age of 17 while pursuing a career in radio and television. Although she enjoyed the fulfillment of being able to work independently at a young age, she eventually reaped the disadvantage of overworking and got sick. It was only then that she realized that the surest way to enjoy success is to take care of oneself first, a concept that many women entrepreneurs struggle with today.

At the time that GiGi Diaz got sick, she was in her mid-twenties and juggling her work in radio during the mornings and television in the evenings while running her dance studio, GiGi’s Academy. Not only was she juggling three key positions, but she was also working on finishing her Master’s degree in Global Strategic Communications. 

The turning point in her life took place while she was driving home one night and suddenly lost her vision. For Diaz, it was the scariest experience of her life. She immediately pulled into the emergency lane until she slowly regained her vision. She managed to drive herself to the nearest emergency room and what the doctor told her was life-changing—she needed to slow down, something that felt impossible for her. It was then that she realized that none of her achievements—her business, her degrees, and her well-established network of clients—meant anything if she were to end up gravely ill, or worse.

After that terrifying incident, GiGi Diaz knew it was time to make key changes in her life. While she struggled with the idea of slowing down, she simply started with simple changes like saying no to opportunities that, while great, weren’t directly aligned with her purpose. She also reevaluated the people in her circle and made the necessary change to level up her personal life as well. Diaz worked hard to find inner healing and peace. Soon thereafter, she completed her ICF Certification as a life coach specializing in happiness studies and mindfulness. This paved the way for the creation of her new venture, Seizing Happy™, a life coaching organization that helps women achieve success with less stress. 

Through Seizing Happy™, GiGi Diaz and her team offer mindset coaching, which Diaz believes is the real root of all success. Online workshops and training are also available on various topics that include business growth and networking events. Diaz has also officially opened the doors for the BETA launch of her new virtual coaching program and is taking registrations. 

“Where I differ from other life coaches is that I was an entrepreneur for over a decade before becoming a mindset coach and acquiring the tools and knowledge I now share with my clients. So that extra experience gives me a deeper understanding of my clients. It also allows me to partner with them, not just as their mindset coach, but also on the business side in areas such as branding, social media growth, media exposure, and more,” GiGi Diaz shares. 

The Cuban-born entrepreneur knows that juggling roles at home, work, and the community are not a walk in the park for most women. What they need is a guide, a reminder that they, too, deserve a break, time for themselves, and a lot of encouragement. Having learned the hard way, Diaz is determined to educate as many women as she can on the importance of focusing on success with less stress. 

Learn more about GiGi Diaz by visiting her website. Follow her on Instagram for updates on her latest projects. 

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