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How GR0 Became the Leader in Organic Search for E-Commerce Brands

The financial crisis created by COVID-19 spelled disaster for countless companies across every industry. You might think a digital marketing startup founded just before the pandemic transformed the world would fold in a matter of months. Instead, GR0 has overcome all odds to become a flourishing industry leader in organic SEO growth.

Early this year, GR0 was awarded the Silver Stevie award for “Fastest Growing Company of the Year” at the 19th annual American Business Awards. According to Stevie Awards president Maggie Gallagher, the awards represent “the ingenuity, the commitment, the passion, the adaptability, and the creativity of the American people.”

So, why are so many companies flocking to GR0 to build their brands? The answer is simple. Gr0 helps companies land the most coveted real estate in digital marketing: the #1 search result spot on Google.

The #1 search result spot on GR0 has an over-25% clickthrough rate. This means when someone searches for a particular service on Google, more than one in four searchers will click on the first link they see. Understandably, every company wants to plant its flag in this top spot, but it cannot be bought.

This is where GR0’s organic SEO growth strategy enters the picture. SEO stands for search engine optimization. A website with a higher SEO is strategically designed to rank higher using Google’s algorithm. GR0 can help companies improve their SEO by implementing a three-pillar system of content writing, on-page optimization, and performance marketing.

GR0’s connections with top news agencies and social media influencers allow consumers to learn about brands from sources that they know and trust instead of paid ads thrown in their faces.

This shift from paid advertising to organic SEO is increasingly critical for companies looking to be on the cutting edge of digital marketing. With the recent release of iOS 14, iPhone users can turn off the data tracking services that allow markers to gather critical information to generate highly personalized targeted ads. The SEO services that GR0 provides are an antidote to this fundamental shift in digital advertising.

While organic SEO growth is becoming increasingly popular, it’s the way GR0 approaches SEO that sets it apart.

One of GR0’s clients, Sharma Brands CEO Nick Sharma, had this to say about his experience with GR0: “The team at GR0 surprised and excited me with how proactive and resourceful they were regarding their approach to organic growth. They are definitely executing on the most cutting-edge strategies I have seen in years. Their written content and press outreach programs are extremely high quality, and as a result, I refer them to the majority of startups I work with at Sharma Brands who can benefit from an authentic and scalable SEO strategy.”

Not only has GR0 received praise from their clients, but they’ve also been recognized by Clutch as one of the top B2B firms of 2021. Clutch is a Washington DC-based B2B research, ratings, and review firm that bases its rankings on client feedback, quality of work, and market presence.

“This award is a huge testament to all those at GR0 who have been vital in building a client experience focused on a commitment to excellence and premium customer service,” said Kevin Miller, CEO and co-founder of GR0. “Since we began operations in 2020, our employees have been working through the growing pains of being a new agency and persevering to bring us to a place where we can be acknowledged as one of the top SEO firms. We will continue to work hard to prove that we are able to apply outstanding work and strategic insights to our clients’ needs, industries, and markets.”

GR0’s success comes not only from its insightful leadership but also from its expansive team of content writers. The pandemic’s shift to remote work allowed GR0 to enlist a diverse arsenal of writers across the country that specialize in myriad different subjects. Because of their wide range of viewpoints, clients from credit lenders to makeup companies can receive a content writer with a high level of specialized expertise. At GR0, every article is carefully researched and includes strategically crafted backlinks, headers, and keywords. This way, the content is engaging to read while acting as a tool to boost SEO.In an ever-changing digital marketing landscape, one thing is clear: the new face of SEO has arrived, and it’s here to stay. GR0’s has quickly become the one-stop shop for building brands that create joy for businesses and consumers alike.

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