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How iCode School is Preparing Kids for Their Digital Future in Ways Traditional Education Failed Them

The traditional education system has been criticized for failing to adequately prepare kids for the digital age. The focus on rote learning and standardized testing does not provide the hands-on, critical thinking skills needed in today’s society. Additionally, traditional education often fails to incorporate technology and digital skills into the curriculum, despite the increasing importance of these skills in the job market. Furthermore, traditional education is often criticized for being too rigid and not flexible enough to meet each student’s individual needs and not providing enough opportunities for collaboration and teamwork.

iCode School is a revolutionary after-school program that prepares kids for their digital futures in ways traditional education has failed them. The company, founded by seasoned entrepreneur Abid Abedi, teaches kids how to code through hands-on, classroom-based STEM education. The program is designed to get kids off their phones and thinking critically by immersing them in fun, interactive, and educational coding classes.

The classes are held in a group setting, allowing kids to develop essential critical thinking skills while collaborating and having fun. Collaboration, teamwork, and communication are crucial to success in the digital age. These skills are becoming increasingly important as more and more jobs require people to work in teams and to be able to communicate with others effectively. iCode School understands that children and parents are looking for a STEM education program that is engaging, interactive, and most importantly, educational. With that in mind, The Belt program was invented – an exciting and comprehensive curriculum designed to teach students the fundamental concepts of programming while also developing their problem-solving skills. 

The program also incorporates vital soft skills through collaborative projects that challenge students to think in ways traditional education fails them. iCode School’s mission is to teach kids skills that are critical for their success in the digital age, such as coding, programming, critical thinking, and collaboration. The company’s founder has a track record of success in the technology, wireless services, IT consulting, staffing services, food, real estate development, and education sectors, having generated over $2 billion in revenue over the last 27 years through his various startups.

With a proven curriculum and the leadership of a successful entrepreneur, the company is well-positioned to expand its reach and impact even more kids and communities. Overall, iCode School is a valuable resource for parents and educators looking to give their kids the skills they need to succeed in the digital age. With a focus on hands-on, collaborative learning, the program provides an attractive and effective addition to traditional education.

Buying an iCode School franchise is a wise investment as there is a high demand for coding and technology education. The curriculum is tailored to the digital age and provides hands-on, collaborative learning, and the company offers support to its franchisees through training and ongoing assistance.

iCode School is not only beneficial to kids, but it’s also an investment in the future generation. So, join iCode School and bring STEM education to your community.

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