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How Julius “Juceno” Williams Successfully Built a Luxury Brand from the Ground Up

Creating an authentic luxury brand is never a simple endeavor, but entrepreneur and fashion designer Julius “Juceno” Williams proved that there is nothing impossible for a man with a vision, a willingness to work until the goal is met, and determination to succeed. Best known as someone with multiple talents, versatility, ambition, and zeal to do something extraordinary, Juceno allowed his creativity to soar, resulting in the birth of Boogie Apparel and, eventually, Boogie Luxury. 

Also an actor, military veteran, motivational speaker, vlogger, and well-loved media personality, Juceno intends to establish the first Black-owned international luxury brand that will feature high-quality accessories, bags, clothing, and footwear. His clothing brand, Boogie Apparel, was a huge success when he launched it, having sold items in various parts of the world, including Germany, Japan, Korea, and Singapore, among others. Seeing people wear his designs ignited an already burning passion within him, prompting him to elevate his brand and offer something more exciting to his loyal clients. 

Juceno has the potential of creating a fashion powerhouse. He has a unique mindset when it comes to pursuing success, and his creativity is quite uncommon. He relies heavily on these two attributes to propel him to greatness. He understands that the business world can get very frustrating for entrepreneurs who are just starting out, such as himself, but he is prepared to meet these future challenges with a positive attitude. His travels to Japan, Korea, and Singapore have opened his eyes to the exciting fashion sense of Asians, further fueling his creativity to come up with awe-inspiring designs. 

Boogie Apparel and Boogie Luxury are both representations of what Juceno only refers to as his SUMO side. SUMO, for him, stands for successful, unique, motivated, and overlooked. Julius is convinced that he and his business partner possess these qualities, the same attributes that inspired them to create a brand that would become their future legacy. 

Back in 2013, Juceno started a brand known as Instafamous Clothing. He came up with the unique idea of putting the text #instafamous in front and the client’s Instagram name at the back. It became an instant hit, and he would sell out his stock every week. When he finally decided to apply for a trademark, however, Instagram intervened and ordered him to cease and desist. That temporary bump along the road did not discourage him at all from pursuing his dream of creating an original brand. That setback resulted in the creation of Boogie Boy Clothing, which eventually came to be known as Boogie Apparel

At this point, Juceno continues to hold on to his vision to someday see his apparel and other creations in major stores and outlets around the globe. One of his goals is to one day do a fashion show in New York and Paris. While it may seem he is a long way from achieving his dreams, Juceno continues to believe in the value of his dreams, and he encourages others to do the same. 

“No matter where you come from, you can create whatever you put your mind to. Also, do not be afraid to venture into the unknown when it comes to business. This journey has been full of ups and downs, but sticking to the goal, I have reached goals and continue to strive to get better every day,” the rising fashion designer shared.

Without a doubt, Julius “Juceno” Williams has the potential to be the next big thing in the fashion world, and it is worth witnessing how he will achieve his plans in the near future. 

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