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How Leif Bjelland Became a Neurodynamic Breathwork Healer

How Leif Bjelland Became a Neurodynamic Breathwork Healer
Photo Credit: Leif Bjelland

If you’re into spiritual teachings, you’ve heard about prominent spiritual masters like Eckhart Tolle and Deepak Chopra. These masters teach us that inner peace and enlightenment are attainable through self-awareness, mindfulness, and the cultivation of a profound connection with the present moment. 

While their teaching methods differ depending on their expertise, beliefs, and particular approach to spirituality, most spiritual teachers have one thing in common: they all practice meditation and breathwork. 

These two powerful methods of connecting with your inner intuition and your Higher Self are closely tied together, as breathwork is an inherent component of meditation. 

A consistent practice of breathwork and meditation has led Leif Bjelland on an inner journey that took him from being a successful baker to helping others connect with their inner intuition and intelligence through breathwork sessions that he now leads under his brand name, Transcend Today

Here’s how his journey started.

Who Is Leif Bjelland?

Once a successful baker, today, Leif Bjelland is a spiritual teacher and holotropic-style breathwork healer. He’s committed to sharing the spiritual knowledge he acquired over the years with others and leading them toward discovering their inner intuition and power through the breathwork sessions. 

Leif’s breathwork sessions consist of a transformative practice of consciously connected breathing that easily gets people out of their thinking minds. During the sessions, Leif holds a safe container so session participants can move toward a holistic session that aims to harmonize their bodies, minds, and souls. 

Leif specializes in Neurodynamic Breathwork – a practice that involves rapid breathing, evocative music, and creative expression in a safe space. It aims to create an experience similar to psychedelics and offers benefits like reducing anxiety, alleviating physical symptoms and overcoming common fears and phobias.

With his Neurodynamic Breathwork sessions, Leif helps participants reach a profound, relaxed state that lies the grounds to safely explore their intuition and rewire their nervous system to achieve a state of harmony and calm and reduce anxiety, stress, and fear. 

A consistent and mindful practice of Neurodynamic Breathwork allows participants to tap into their mind-body-soul connection, unlocking access to the unique intelligence and intuition naturally present within them. 

A Successful Baker Turned Breathwork Healer

The way Leif Bjelland became a breathwork facilitator for thousands of people around the world isn’t a conventional one. 

It took nearly two decades of professional baking before Leif took the leap that brought him to where he is today. Leif, a skilled baker known for sharing the art and science of French bread baking through his former business, Le Petit Outre, gained recognition with a James Beard Award nomination in 2014. 

In baking, he always found peace and a state of flow. Once he became aware of that, he began seeking different ways to achieve this state of flow and connection to the present moment beyond the kitchen. 

This new awareness brought him to explore that heightened consciousness state beyond the realm of baking and into a variety of activities, namely sports. 

A passionate cyclist and snowboarder, Leif started listening to podcasts on bio-hacking, seeking to optimize his performance in randonneuring. This allowed him to participate in the 2019 Paris-Brest-Paris (PBP), an iconic 1,200 km cycling event with roots dating back to 1891.

However, he quickly realized that his pursuit of a consistent state of flow couldn’t be reached through physical performance alone. It was this realization that brought him to seek that same feeling inward. That’s how it all started. 

Leif’s interest in holistic recovery led him to Transcendental Meditation, a practice that shifted his focus from external flow states onto an inner journey encompassing ancient wisdom, cosmology, and consciousness. This new step, in turn, led to Neurodynamic Breathwork, a powerful practice Leif describes as an experience “somewhere between sex and paragliding.”

Once he specialized in this practice, it was time to explore Neurodynamic Breathwork, a holotropic-style method based on Stanislav Grof’s work, which is his expertise today, and how he helps others heal and discover their inner power. 

Practice Neurodynamic Breathwork with Leif

The reason why Leif so firmly believes in Neurodynamic Breathwork is that it offers a shortcut to achieve quick results, bypassing the extreme amount of time and commitment often associated with standard meditation.

But what he aims to achieve through his breathwork sessions is to help others let go of what no longer serves them and learn to live in the present moment. 

As a spiritual teacher, Leif can feel the consciousness shift that’s currently going on on our planet. Through his sessions, he wants to help his students raise their consciousness and connect with their inner selves on a profound level. Through these sessions, he aspires to contribute to a collective awakening and the emergence of a more conscious and harmonious world.

Published by: Aly Cinco

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