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Music has evolved over the years, and various types of music have been introduced, each requiring its own set of skills. For instance, hip-hop artists need to be able to rap, while pop singers need to be able to sing and dance. As the demand for different types of music has grown, so does the need for skilled musicians. This has led to booming music industry, with more opportunities than ever for aspiring artists. From Elvis Presley through Prince, Michael Jackson, Beyonce, and Drake, music has redefined itself with every decade passed. 

Anthony Wayne Jiles – A Musical Genius

Born in the bay City of Michigan as Anthony Wayne Jiles, better known by his stage name Ant, he is the CEO of BeatsbyJM. Ant has collaborated with prominent figures in the music industry during his lustrous career, with the late renowned Nate Dogg, MC Eiht, DJ Slip (Compton’s Most Wanted), and Willie Z (Fresh Prince of Bel-Air music director), amongst many others. The first Arizona-based rap group, “Global Mayhemm,” was produced by Ant, which was well received by the audience and had received national recognition. To this day, Ant has produced seven successful albums for rising artists. In addition to being a producer, Ant is an engineer, writer/composer, and choreographer. According to Ant, strong communication skills are critically necessary for musicians. Musicians must communicate effectively by conveying their feelings and emotions through music. Anthony understands how to transmit feelings through melodies and lyrics and make music that touches the listener’s emotions.

Creation of BeatsbyJM to help elevate the careers of fresh and aspiring musicians

In the wake of many fresh and aspiring facing financial hindrances lifting them to a certain level in the music industry, Anthony Wayne Jiles came up with the idea of creating BeatsbyJM, which offers a studio-ready beat at an affordable price. Ant has motivated and acted as a tunnel for other artists to go through him and achieve their goals in their musical pursuits under his seasoned career of producing music for over 25 years. According to Ant, his inspiration for creating beatsbyJM came from his desire to offer all aspiring artists studio-ready, quality beats at an affordable price. He realizes the financial discrepancies faced by many fresh artists put a hurdle on their way to accessing quality beats. At Beatsbyjm, beats are easy to obtain through its user-friendly website, but, more importantly, they are very affordable. 

Ant received his musical inspiration through the work of notable producers such as Timbaland, Dr. Dre, Quincy Jones, Pharell, Rodney Jerkins. According to Ant, “These well-known artists are the epitome of passion, determination, and complete professionalism.” In addition, Ant acknowledges the staunch support he has had from attorneys John Smith and Tim Wright throughout his career. Ant is all about the production of high-quality content that holds a variety of musical styles.  

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