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How one entrepreneur transformed his personal loss into astounding growth and restoration

When faced with a personal crisis, an entrepreneurial spirit always finds the right solution – and quite often, that result turns out to be life-changing for many other people as well. James Bartholomeusz, an expert in the science and development of lasers for aesthetic technologies, is a prime example of this. His KeraFactor™ products offer an exceptional new hair loss solution that is both pro-active and preventative. 

Back in 2013, James began experiencing scalp health issues which led to hair loss. He consulted a number of well-respected dermatologists in his professional network but was still at a loss at what to do. After seeking advice from so many, James turned to his long-time friend and colleague Dr. Amy Forman-Taub, a brilliant mind at the top of her field, and he had an epiphany: he needed to come up with the optimum solution himself, in collaboration with Dr. Taub, who would become a co-founder of his new brand.

Having developed laser hair removal systems for many years, James contemplated how he could reverse the hair removal technology – and instead, restore it! Using his knowledge of organic chemistry, he began developing a ground-breaking solution for hair rejuvenation and scalp health. Using biomimetic growth factors as catalysts, he formulated a scalp stimulating solution that is now widely available to everyone who’s experienced hair loss, as well as to those who want to proactively prevent it!

The newest technology from SkinQRI is the KeraFactor™ Treatment Solution with Nanofluorosomes™ which includes seven growth factors. This at-home solution is the first to include this new compound. The Encapsulation technology is as unique as the formula itself. The carefully curated proteins and growth factors, including a potent anti-inflammatory and anti-androgenic compound are each wrapped in their own nano-liposomes, providing optimal absorption by the scalp to repair its health. The nanofluorosomes are naturally fluorescent, giving the new formula a special yellowish glow. 

This new formula is now available in a premier collection of KeraFactor™ Scalp-stimulating products: the unique KeraFactor™ Solution, as well as Shampoo and Conditioner, and a KeraFactor™ Wet & Dry Brush that can be used daily to massage the products into the scalp. Bearing in mind the different stages of hair growth, KeraFactor™ can be used as a preventative treatment as well as a restorative one. With the advent of Covid, and the ensuing stress-related hair loss, sales of the KeraFactor™ kit for at-home use have increased dramatically. As it repairs existing damage, KeraFactor™ solution encourages scalp health, with a strong end goal in mind: a healthy scalp = healthy hair. KeraFactor™ has no known side effects, so customers can feel comfortable using it every day.

KeraFactor™ is a direct solution, not a supplement. It can be used to augment other products and treatments, so there’s no need to stop using something else in order to integrate KeraFactor™ into one’s routine. There are many points of differentiation that highlight the ways that KeraFactor™ is superior to its competitors, including ownership and full control of the whole process from inception to encapsulation. What’s NOT in the KeraFactor™ formulas is as important as what is: There’s no Minoxidil, Finasteride, Spironolactone, or other hormones. 

Explaining the science behind KeraFactor™ in understandable terms, James likens a healthy scalp to a well-manicured lawn. Many of the currently available products on the market address the cause of hair loss, but they don’t do enough to support the rejuvenation and growth of new hair. James likens this to weeding the lawn, without remembering to fertilize the grass; just as a green and healthy lawn needs fertilizer, a healthy scalp needs KeraFactor™, which can be considered a ‘fertilizer’ for hair. 

This common-sense methodology has resulted in strong success for users of the  KeraFactor™ solution, with noticeable results. In recent trials, clients who used KeraFactor™ have experienced higher hair counts and increased thickness, leading to fullness and strength. Using the products as a preventative measure, hair loss can be stopped cold, rather than waiting until after it’s already gone! 

With the demand for the KeraFactor™ products expanding exponentially and a steadfast dedication to finding better solutions for the future, James will undoubtedly continue to evolve through the challenges of meeting consumer demand for real solutions that work to prevent hair loss, as well as to repair and rejuvenate. 

KeraFactor™ is currently available in the U.S. and Australia, with plans for a substantial launch in Europe and the Asia-Pacific region, ensuring that hair rejuvenation has never looked as good as it does now. 

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