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How the Closing Agency Have Been Innovating the Digital Marketing Space One Year Into Its Genesis

With the world taking great strides towards a technology-centered future, the youth have been taking steps to ensure their future careers are established. As young as they are, millennials have been using digital platforms to thrive in areas they excel in, from music to art. However, a handful of them have taken an interest in entrepreneurship as it provides them with a better chance to showcase their knowledge and expertise in particular interests. Keithen Lewis is among the next generation of entrepreneurs and has been thriving in the digital marketing space.

Keithen Lewis has been around the digital marketing space in the last four years, starting his career by working in high-ticket digital marketing services. The experience gave him a glimpse into a career that he felt he would thrive in. During that time, Lewis worked under the guidance of Jeff Baxter, CEO of Ad Ninja Pro. With Baxter as his mentor, Lewis received the opportunity to grow.

While his youth has been attributed to his promising career, Lewis built his career while simultaneously studying in college and competing as a national debater, even going on to become a champion. Lewis showcased what he could achieve as a debater, facing off against skilled and experienced competitors. Ranking as the number one varsity speaker in the country, he was awarded the youngest winner in the division.

Since taking on a mentor, Keithen Lewis has established himself as a promising leader in the digital marketing space. He managed to close over a million in sales working for other agencies. The experience gave Lewis the knowledge needed to make it out on his own. By 2020, Lewis leveraged all his expertise and knowledge to start his own company, The Closing Agency.

The Closing Agency is a company that specializes in helping businesses scale. By employing a team of proven closers, the agency has managed to close deals at a high percentage over the phone. With The Closing Agency, Lewis has been executing everything he learned from his novice days, using closing tactics that rake in profits while decreasing the overhead costs in an attempt to keep the agency running towards its goal.

The team consists of sales closers who have managed to close millions of dollars in sales, earning them positive feedback from their clients, as seen in their website’s testimonials. Lewis ensures his company can deliver by training each of his closers for more than forty hours a month, thereby ensuring that they are accountable and can remain sharp as they follow up with all their leads. 

Most of the Closing Agency’s clients are online businesses. Lewis’s goal with his company is to help digital marketing agencies scale with services that help them close more deals. By providing them with tools and sharing proving tactics, businesses can scale and produce improved results.

Although the company is still over a year old, Keithen Lewis has continued to exhibit his intellect in the digital marketing space with the Closing Agency’s success. He foresees his company as the go-to brand for people looking to sell their digital services over the phone.

Learn more about The Closing Agency by visiting their official website. You can also reach out to Keithen Lewis by following him on Instagram.

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