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How To Create A 7 Figure Sales Process For Online Coaches. Sales Strategist Patrick Galang Shares Their Process

Written by Patrick Galang

As a coaching business grows, often the bottleneck becomes sales. Not that the business doesn’t get enough sales, it’s that more people are required to allow for more sales.

The problem with some coaching businesses is there is little to no process when it comes to selling. 

As a result, inconsistency and then a decline in sales can happen.

Whenever we come into a business to consult and strategies on process, we try to follow a simple step by step plan.

It’s quite simple and very effective. 

There are 3 parts to it – Patterns, Process, Rules.

This concept was borrowed from a photographer when they work on their photo editing. It works well when it comes to breaking down sales processes.

The first part is recognizing Patterns.

The patterns we look for are things like:

  • Why do your prospects buy?
  • Why do they not buy?
  • What are their common objections?

Once we know this, then we can work on small processes to handle and address these.

  • What questions are best asked to help reduce objections?
  • What can be provided prior to sales calls to address concerns?
  • How can they be better qualified for the call?

This will allow the sales team to get more information and give direction on how to best speak with the client.

Having put those things in place and tested, it’s time to put down some rules.

  • What pre-call content must the prospects consume?
  • What are the questions that must be asked?
  • What is the information that must be shared?

If we’re able to go through all the three steps, it will allow us to then formulate the most suitable sales process. Not just for the sales call but the things that happen before and after.

Having audited and tested sales processes with 7 and 8 figure business, it puts us at Setters & Closers in a great position to see what best practices are.

If you’re able to run this method on with your sales process, you will be surprised at the result you can get.

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