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Welcome Home, Pup: How To Create a Comfortable Space for Your New Canine Companion

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As you prepare to bring your new pup home, you’re probably bouncing with excitement thinking about all the fun walks and cuddles you’ll share. Although your home is already filled with love for your new furry best friend, there are also plenty of supplies you’ll want to prepare your space with before your dog’s arrival. 

Along with necessities like food, dishes, training pads, a leash, and toys, there are extra steps you can take to ensure your home is a comfortable space.

Although puppies and adult dogs have slightly different needs, they largely enjoy the same activities and need the same products. This list of ways to prepare your home for your new dog will help you regardless of your adoption/rescue story. Once you have all the essentials, you can focus on the best part of adoption: loving your new pet!

Let’s dive into our best advice when it comes to building a space your dog will feel completely at home in.

Stock Your Pantry With Whole Food From A Pup Above

Humans love to get to know each other over a meal. Oftentimes, the first thing we want to do when returning home after being gone or visiting a friend’s house is grab a bite to eat. The same is true of furry friends. To help your new pup settle into their new home, you can lay out a healthy meal that says, “Welcome home, you’ll love it here!” 

Just as you wouldn’t want to feed your favorite guests mediocre or unhealthy food, you want to ensure your dog eats top-rate, nutritious dog food for each meal. Rather than feeding your pet standard kibble — which is highly processed and lacking in real protein and nutrients — invest in human grade dog food from A Pup Above. Human grade means that the quality and nutritional value of the food is suitable for even you to eat, because why should our furry family members be undernourished?

It’s so fresh you can even track the location from which each ingredient was sourced if you enter the lot code from the box into A Pup Above’s website. Just imagine how happy your new pet will be to eat whole food in their new home!

Be Prepared With Dog CBD From ElleVet

Although you’re going to do your best to make your space feel like your new dog’s home from the moment they walk through the door, know that adopting a dog always has an adjustment period. Your pup will need to get used to new smells, furniture, food, toys, and of course, a new mom or dad. The combination of changes can be scary for even the most adventurous dog.

Additionally, your home probably has sounds your dog isn’t used to and may be frightened by, even if you don’t hear them yourself. Noises like construction outside, traffic, appliance buzzing, and vacuums or Roombas can cause your dog stress when combined with an unfamiliar space. 

Plus, your pet will inevitably have to stay home alone for the first time. You may or may not be adopting a dog who becomes easily stressed, but regardless, it’s wise to have some calming products on hand. 

ElleVet’s dog CBD comes in a variety of forms, from chews to oils to soft gels, and targets specific concerns; this includes helping reduce stress and providing a calming effect. We recommend dog CBD in the form of treats for their simple but effective dosage!

Decorate With Tumble’s Washable Rugs 

Nothing ties a room together like a cute rug, and they’re also nice for your dog to lay out on. However, everyone knows dogs can be messy and may have accidents from time to time, especially if yours is still in the potty training phase. This doesn’t mean you have to go rug-free, as long as you’re smart with pet-friendly decorating!

Washable rugs from Tumble are the best invention for dog owners who love to nest. Since each rug comes with a cushioned non-slip pad to lie under the rug and be tucked together, Tumble’s rugs are slip-free, which will come in handy when your pup gets the zoomies. Meanwhile, liquid messes aren’t an issue since the spill-proof material causes liquids to bead onto the surface for easy wipe up. 

When in doubt, you can also throw washable rugs straight into the washing machine. Plus, we love that Tumble’s rugs are low pile, which means less collection of dog hair. 

If we’re being honest, your dog isn’t the only one who will ever make messes. Drinks spill, children cause chaos, and shoes track all kinds of dirt and mud into the house. Washable rugs are the future of functional home design, and they’re guaranteed to help your pup feel more at home.

Cool Your Space With hOmeLabs’ Window Air Conditioner 

Having a dog may require that you make certain lifestyle changes for their good. Maybe you were living the total bachelor lifestyle before adopting your fur baby, but now you have the two of you to look out for. 

Although you may have been content to sweat the hot summer days away, dogs can quickly become overheated. After all, they can only pant to cool down.

Make sure you’re prepared for the warmer months coming up by having an air conditioner in your home. An easy-install window air conditioner from hOmeLabs is a useful option that both you and your furry friend will enjoy. 

Other ways you can help your dog stay cool include summer haircuts, lots of fresh water on hand, and taking walks outside in the early or late hours when it’s cooler.

Shop Pet Insurance Rates With OTTO Quotes

It’s never fun to think about the hard times when caring for a pet: emergencies when things go wrong. However, part of being a responsible dog owner is being prepared for any situation, good or bad. 

You can take preventative measures, like ensuring harmful substances are hidden, gating the area around your home, using a properly fitted collar and leash, and feeding your pet a healthy diet. Still, there will always be factors outside your control that you must deal with when they rear their ugly heads. 

Although you don’t want to think about your pup in need, you can fully prepare for your new dog by shopping for pet insurance rates from OTTO Quotes. The best part of having pet insurance is the peace of mind it gives you that if your pet garners any large medical bills, you can give them the medical attention they need. 

Insurance allows you to be prepared for anything. With pet insurance in your back pocket, you’ll never have to worry about being able to afford the treatment your fur baby needs, so you can all return home from the vet happy and healthy.

Set Up a Play Area With Dog Toys From Chewy

Whether you’re adopting a puppy or welcoming an adult dog into your home, dogs love to play. Puppies, especially, are a bundle of energy, and one of the best ways to help them channel their excitement into appropriate fun (AKA not chewing on your shoes or destroying the furniture) is by giving them their own toys. 

Playtime releases endorphins in both your dog and you, which bonds you and helps make your pup feel happy and content. A few minutes of playing with your dog will also stimulate their brain, which helps reduce boredom and keeps them cognitively healthy. You want to provide your pup with toys they’ll be interested in playing with alone when you’re busy, too.

Mentally-stimulating toys are interactive, as they require your pup to do some deep thinking. Interactive toys are also great choices for older dogs with less energy and may not love long walks anymore. Toys with hidden spaces for treats are a great example!

And, of course, most dogs will see anything as a toy, so a good old-fashioned squeaky toy or tennis ball is always fun for your furry friend. You can stock up on all options of dog toys from Chewy and get them shipped straight to your home.

You’re Ready to Bring Your New Dog Home!

Adopting a new dog is one of the most exciting things you can do because you know you’re bringing home a new best friend who will love you unconditionally. You can follow a few simple steps to show your love for them back by making sure your home will feel welcoming and comfortable. 

Now that you’re ready for your dog to move in, get ready for plenty of playtime, lots of walks, lasting memories, and plenty of snuggles!

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