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How to Keep Your Teen’s Eyes Healthy Over The Summer

As summer vacation approaches, many parents instinctively begin to stress about how to keep their kids and teens entertained for the entire summer. But realistically, in the modern world, the things that will be keeping them occupied are their phones, TVs, laptops, and game consoles. So while they may go out to ride their bikes or see friends, they’re still very likely to look at a screen every day.

There’s much to be said about how teenagers entertain themselves, but one of the most overlooked aspects of their increased screen time is its impact on their eye health.

EyePromise is the #1 Doctor Recommended all-natural nutritional supplement proven* to increase the eye’s natural protection against screen time and harmful blue light and help support your child’s eyes. EyePromise focuses on what others overlook because we know that when we spend too long looking at digital screens, we can develop Digital Eye Strain (DES). This condition can cause eye fatigue, strains, blurred vision, redness, irritation, and even burning sensations, which are caused by several things.

Blue Light

While most people are well aware of this term, many don’t necessarily understand why blue light causes so many problems and discomfort. Blue light keeps you alert and awake, but it is also detrimental to our sight.

Blue light is amongst the shortest, highest-energy wavelengths in the visible light spectrum. They flicker much easier than longer wavelengths and can affect our visual sharpness and clarity. These “blue” waves make it harder for our eyes to focus, thus leading to strains and fatigue. Though not a new phenomenon, our eyes have evolved to protect themselves from blue light.

We have a natural barrier within our eyes formed from zeaxanthin and lutein that protects us. However, it must be sustained. Our diet must contain sufficient antioxidants to create this barrier, and colorful fruits and vegetables contain these antioxidants. However, consuming the necessary amounts of dietary zeaxanthin via food alone to maintain optimal eye health is practically impossible. Even if we eat our leafy greens, we’d have to eat 20 ears of corn per day to get the amount of dietary zeaxanthin to maintain proper eye health. EyePromise® Zeaxanthin + Lutein is a patented and proprietary formula that offers optimal doses of both nutrients that help build and support your eyes’ natural protection. Many doctors and dietitians, including those to major sports teams, recommend EyePromise to fill this necessary dietary gap.

It is not always easy to get teenagers to stick to eating their fruits and veggies—especially not enough to maintain their bodies’ natural protection. With EyePromise’s Screen Shield Teen supplements, you just give your teenagers one chewy tablet a day, and their eyes will be able to protect themselves from the late-night gaming and cinema trips that they deserve this summer. 


As well as the damage from the blue light in our screens, studies have shown that we don’t blink enough while looking at our screens. While it may feel like you’re blinking an average amount, we tend to blink 50% less when looking at TVs, PCs, or phones. This situation leads to dryness and irritation on the eyeball, as we aren’t covering them with enough tear film.

To help prevent your teenagers’ eyes from getting sore, dry, and irritated this summer vacation, try to break them away from their screens now and then. Even a small break from their phones will help protect them from irritation!

This summer, encourage your kids to explore the world beyond their screens. Put the iPad down and adventure out into the world. The less they’re stuck behind the screens, the better their eye health.

Why Screen Shield Teen?

○  5 simple, recognizable ingredients to help support your child’s eyes during screen use*

○  Highest quality, natural ingredients

○  A one-a-day tasty chewable tablet

○  Designed to be taken with a multi-vitamin

○  NSF® Tested and Certified

○  GMO, Gluten, and Sugar-Free

With EyePromise, improving your teen’s eye health can improve their life. So, whether you need supplements like our Screen Shield Teen or tips for enhancing your macular pigment, visual clarity, dryness, and being preventive about eye health, EyePromise has an eye vitamin, including vegan formulas, formulated for everyone. For questions, case studies, and to learn why it’s #1 doctor recommended, visit

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