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How Unionly Helps Collect Union Dues

By Scott Heric 

 When one is the head of a union, whether that be a union leader, shop steward, or staff manager, there are a lot of logistical and housekeeping tasks to supervise. Meetings, mitigating member issues, mobilizing, educating, and communications all fall under the responsibility of the union head. Given this monumental task, any help is much appreciated. 

 We designed Unionly to save union leaders time and frustration by supplying them with an easy-to-use payment platform created specifically for the needs of unions. At Unionly, we firmly believe that collecting union dues and other payments should be effortless for the union leadership and members. 

Dues Management 

With Unionly, organizations can create custom dues payment pages that best suit their needs. With these pages, members can easily pay their union dues from their phones, desktops, or mobile devices. They can also automate their recurring dues payments, so nothing is ever late or in default again. The platform provides max flexibility, and union leadership doesn’t have to worry about adding “chasing payments” to their laundry list of duties. 

Additional Features 

Unionly doesn’t just make dues-paying easier; it is a one-stop shop for managing your other union leadership responsibilities. Through Unionly, you can host unlimited fundraisers for your organization. Additionally, you can manage new member registration and your custom online store for union gear. Hosting a union event? Unionly can also help you manage event registration and sponsorships. 

Twenty-First Century Union Management 

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are 14.3 million union members in the United States. We live in a digital age, and moving the management of your union, from dues to events and membership, to a digital platform will allow your organization to grow and flourish. Any organization that wants to survive long-term needs to offer online payment options. The days of sitting down to write out a check are quickly coming to an end. 

Union leaders and even members may be concerned about the technology learning curve, but the Unionly platform makes everything simple for even the tech novice. Online payments alone have boomed across all industries, and most people are adept at managing their banking and bill payments online. Cash and check payments are becoming less common and will likely be utterly obsolete in most bill-paying scenarios in the near future. Transitioning to a platform that manages membership dues and other transactions for your union makes good sense. 

Management During Uncertain Times 

Not only does a platform such as Unionly bring an organization up-to-date with regards to technology, but it also allows unions to ride out uncertain times such as the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Being able to continue to communicate with and engage your members remotely through the Unionly platforms allows the work of your union to continue even when you are unable to meet in person. Due to budget restraints or COVID spread, many union offices and lodges have gone entirely virtual and remained that way since March of 2020. Unionly has stepped in to make it easy to communicate critical information to your membership

 Labor unions, like other organizations, want to continue to best serve their membership. Taking the burden of payment management off leadership and allowing an intuitive platform to do the heavy lifting frees up time and energy for unions’ important work – advocacy, support, negotiating, and organizing. 

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