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How Uno Williams Perfected the Platinum Pixie with His Trademark Technique

For decades, many hairstylists believed it wasn’t possible to achieve a bone-straight platinum pixie haircut on textured hair for women of color. That is until Uno Williams created the Perfect Platinum Pixie, a trademarked technique that provides Black women with a same-day service of coloring and straightening with a sleek finish. He currently teaches the technique to hundreds of new and seasoned hairstylists as part of his movement to revolutionize the hairstyling industry.

Brandon “Uno” Williams is an Atlanta-based hairstylist, creator, and trademark innovator who brings over twenty years of experience to the cosmetology industry. He owns and operates Hair By Uno Studio Salon, a highly-coveted hairstyling company that cuts thousands of women’s hair every month. The stylist is best known for his precision and style, mastering the art of hair coloring, precision cutting, styling, and business development. 

According to Uno, many hairstylists do platinum pixie styles; however, often, the looks are unpolished. As a result, many women have left salons underwhelmed by the outcome. In 2003, Uno Williams entered the hair styling market and saw that this problem had to be resolved. After years of testing and researching, he created the Perfect Platinum Pixie technique, which is now the centerpiece work of over two hundred certified specialists around the United States and in the Caribbean areas.  

In retrospect, the Perfect Platinum Pixie’s conception was straightforward for Williams. “I saw a problem, found a solution, and am now sharing that information with the world,” said Uno. Not one to keep his ideas for himself, he began teaching seminars to spread his discovery to people in the industry. The training classes started in 2020 and quickly spread like wildfire across the industry. Today, over 250 people have taken the certification training and use the technique to serve women from all walks of life, from homemakers to today’s top celebrities and influencers. He hopes to start a collaborative movement in the industry and watch new and struggling hairstylists flourish. 

The hairstyling industry has been one of the most affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, and many businesses were forced to close either by mandates or financial ruin. By releasing this training to the world, Uno hopes to be a force for good across the industry and help other stylists bounce back from the crisis. 

He also hopes to inspire stylists to keep innovating. Uno believes that disruption is the key to business growth and encourages stylists to challenge themselves constantly. “I want stylists to see that they too can increase their revenue by trying new things,” shares the top-level stylist. “That kind of mindset can help them increase their client base as well as their prestige.”

Uno continues to perfect other techniques and hopes to share more of his expertise with other professionals in the field. To learn more about Uno Williams and the Perfect Platinum Pixie Technique, visit their website.

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