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How VT Ad Agency Helps Online Ecommerce Brands Increase Their Sales and Product Visibility

Vova Tess is an American Business professional and the founder of VT Ad agency. The agency helps online brands looking for bandwidth, support, & expert knowledge to help them hit their product sales goals online. The agency specializes in online marketing with solutions such as Drop Shipping, Tik Tok Ad Campaigns, & Shopify store growth and management. We sat down with Vova to learn more about what he helps businesses with and three important tips he recommends to online businesses to increase their online sales from scratch.

What should I do if I am just taking my brand online?

Vova recommends that businesses just starting online should look no further than to use Shopify to start their online product sales. The number one reason why is that it is easy to create, build, & scale with. Vova went on to say that Shopify offers resources such as, lists and data which are important to collect on your customer base to build a healthy look alike audience to retarget web traffic ads to. Simply put it is the easiest way to get started and the least risk or money required to get started.

What advice would you give after starting your online brand?

So often and not just in the Ecommerce industry do businesses spend money on things that aren’t important early on. If you want to stay focused and get quicker results Vova recommends that you watch your spending habits. Vova went on to say “Instead of spending thousands on your own you can invest into services providers such as VT Ad Agency that can save you time and money while educating you on what to do and providing services that collectively will get you to your goal with your online business.

What content should I add on my website to help sell more products?

Content is king, as Vova says. No matter how targeted or how much traffic your website generates, you need to have amazing content if you wish to sell your products at a high level with Ecommerce. Vova explains that your products and website should have lots of vibrant high quality content that offers an amazing consumer experience when shopping on your website. By doing this effectively you can increase your online sales without increasing your advertising budget.

To learn more about Vova Tess and VT Ad Agency, click here.

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