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I Am Alchemy, The Secret Weapon Inspiring and Empowering the World with His Fighting Skills

Physical sports entertain the world in many ways beyond just the sport itself. Fighting for one has been a form of entertainment in many ways and has morphed into something that people take on for leisure, fitness and entertainment in films. Rob Acosta, also known as I Am Alchemy The Secret Weapon, has built a brand around fighting through which he teaches, trains, empowers and inspires people worldwide.

I Am Alchemy The Secret Weapon believes strongly in hard work as the only tool to overcome failure. He’s fond of saying the phrase, “If hard work was easy, then failure would be harder to achieve,” which is why he pushes everyone he works with to put in their best and pursue their goals relentlessly.

The I Am Alchemy The Secret Weapon brand targets boxing enthusiasts, fitness enthusiasts, athletes, actors and actresses. Rob Acosta regularly gets on the road to connect with his clients and interact with as many people as possible to empower and inspire them. He also maintains a high level of confidentiality to protect his clients’ identities. Rob Acosta has also leveraged his brand’s success and effectiveness to connect with people interested in fighting sports. He has been doing many public speaking at youth establishments. He’s also been taking on partnerships with individuals and brands, one which is evident in his recent collaboration with the strength and conditioning facility in Philadelphia Swift Fit. 

Becoming I Am Alchemy The Secret Weapon was borne out of many years of trying different things. The experience Rob got from doing different things helped him build his brand into what it is. He started out as a barber before joining the police force and then getting forced to resign in 2017 after a car accident. Picking himself up, he forged ahead with his dreams and opened his boxing gym in Philadelphia Philly Boxing 1 on 1.

Rob’s love for boxing goes back to when he was eight years old. He started boxing at 15 and had an amateur career that saw him hold a fight record of four wins and two losses. His mentors, Vaugh Jackson and Derek “Bozy” Ennis Sr., played a significant role in his career by teaching him how to be a better boxer and how to help others become better boxers. “Vaughn was the first to teach me how to be a boxing coach. I took everything he had to impart, and I’m better for it today,” Rob said. Under Vaughn Jackson’s and Derek “Bozy” Ennis Sr’s mentorship, Rob’s abilities as a strength and conditioning coach shine through, and his journey toward greatness began.

Since he took boxing so seriously and decided to go professional with it, I Am Alchemy The Secret Weapon has played a significant role in many professional fighters’ journeys. His boxing drills are second to none, and they have been proven to enhance fighters’ abilities, defensive training, sparring skills, muscle rehabilitation, focus mitts, professional hand-wrapping, muscle recovery, nutritional guidance and many more.

The impressive successes he has to his name over the last fourteen years have connected him to many key players in the fighting scene. Through his brand, Philly Boxing 1 on 1, he has prepared professional fighters like  Jaron Boots Ennis, Cristian  Carto, Zachary Ocha, Jamaine Ortiz, Jan Carlos Rivera, James Martin, Avery  Sparrow, Tahmir Smalls, Rashiem Jefferson Jr and many more. His long roster of clients all have a combined winning percentage of 94 to 96%, and this is thanks to his winning strategy, which involves studying their opponents and preparing them for the fight in a six to eight-week camp. His effective strategy covers all possible outcomes with the sole goal of achieving a high win ratio at all times. His name, “The Secret Weapon,” was derived from his ability to foresee multiple outcomes and prepare his clients accordingly for those outcomes.

Over the next few years, Rob Acosta has his sights set on taking bolder steps in the physical combat industry by working with more professional fighters, movie stars and individuals looking to get fit. “There is so much we can achieve by working with the right people and remaining consistent while at it. The results for my brand speak for themselves, and I believe that anyone who chooses to work with me will get maximum returns for that decision,” he said. “I also plan to mentor more young people looking for clarity in their lives so they can believe in their ability to excel and go all the way out to achieve their dreams. Fighting and boxing have a way of boosting mental preparedness, and with one client at a time, I’m making it happen for as many people as possible.”

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