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Iconic Mavericks NFT Brings to Life Art Pieces Inspired by Known Brands

The NFT world has proven to be a gift that keeps giving, with its contribution to the digital movement and the growth of the Metaverse. Iconic entities from the real world are beginning to find a haven in the digital world where they can thrive and deliver real value to the people. Iconic Mavericks NFT, a creation of Criss Bellini, is doing an excellent job at keeping up.

Inspired by the world’s most iconic brands, Iconic Mavericks NFT is a collection of 8,884 NFTs made up of exciting visual traits built out of free-standing sculptures. According to the collection’s website, Iconic Mavericks NFT is described thus: “The statues represent what we choose to celebrate and memorialize, blending an iconic treasure( the statue) with traits from modern-day culture. While the universe expands, our brand grows, and collectors can expect exclusive access to the latest products, art, merchandise and events through ownership.” This means at the core of the NFT collection is a promise of value to holders and a slew of benefits if they hold on to their tokens.

The philosophy beneath the creation of this collection is deeply dipped into a unique drive that every human being has when the desire to get something arises within them. Thus, Iconic Mavericks NFT is building a community of people who stand for a better world and are willing to create their visions and creations the exact way they imagined it. The collection targets people with an entrepreneurial spirit, building a life on their terms and drawing motivation from everything, persons or brands around them.

Iconic Mavericks NFT’s strength lies in being backed by a real brand, real artist and a large team with proven businesses. For prospective holders, the collection will go on public sale on March 25, 2022, with each token’s mint price set at 0.2 ETH. Owning one Iconic Mavericks NFT provides access to a wide range of community-driven features, products, exclusive art and access to events. Being a part of the Iconic Mavericks Community means having access to connect and learn from real entrepreneurs who have built 7 to 9-figure businesses in diverse spaces like e-commerce, real estate, NFTs, marketing, art, etc.

Iconic Mavericks NFT promises numerous exclusive opportunities, top of which are its upcoming events slated to hold in Miami, Las Vegas, Gstaad and many more choice locations. All the benefits and perks designed for holders are packaged as rewards for loyalty. “Those who believe in the project and its mission are the most important to us. We will constantly seek new, unique, and interesting methods to reward both early and new holders,” Criss Bellini said. Additionally, holders with more than ten Iconic Mavericks will receive an airdrop of an exclusive Criss Bellini Physical Print.

A giveaway schedule has also been announced, which random people can win and be a part of the community for life. Details of the giveaway can be found on the project’s Twitter and Instagram, and holders can join the Discord channel to get daily updates.

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