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‘I’ll Be Happy When’ Provides Guide on Finding Happiness in Entrepreneurial Pursuits

Everyone is driven towards a goal, dedicating their time and energy to achieve their dreams. The satisfaction of reaching their goals brings an unparalleled sense of fulfillment, but not everyone feels that way. Jared Springer is one such individual who found he was no happier than when he started. He would then go on a journey that resulted in him writing and publishing a book titled I’ll Be Happy When.

Jared Springer is an entrepreneur whose career started at the age of nine. He would detail cars with his dad at dealerships after school, working until midnight. Starting at a young age gave Jared the work ethic that he would carry over into adulthood. When he started working, Jared found it challenging to work full-time while running his businesses. Eventually, his own body gave up on him.

One morning, Jared woke up and found he was unable to walk. Rushed into the emergency room, he was given a choice to have an emergency back surgery or lose the ability to walk forever. Upon making his choice, Jared was no longer able to work a job and was forced into full-time self-employment to provide for his family. He held on to his dream of making a million dollars in a year with $20 and a YouTube education.

With new winds on his entrepreneurial journey, Jared started with what he knew well — books. He went to Goodwill to buy books, listed them on Amazon, and sold the books for over $50. He would repeat the process for months until he saved enough to start his brand and create products. Within a year, Jared was able to achieve his goal.

Throughout his journey, Jared realized he had unique skills. Combining them with clinical burnout from the business world inspired him to write about self-discovery to determine the direction to point his life. He would title his book I’ll Be Happy When after continually repeating the phrase.

As he wrote, Jared realized that his book could help others from making the mistake of delaying life’s enjoyment until reaching a certain point. The experience taught him that when people reach their “I’ll be happy when” point, they still won’t be satisfied unless they figure out what makes them tick.

Jared Springer believes I’ll Be Happy When is precisely what people need. With many people upset, depressed, and struggling with shutdowns, the book helps them get out of their heads to truly be happy regardless of where they are. I’ll Be Happy When is also an autobiography, filled with stories of Jared’s life, the things he went through, and how he overcame them. 

Following his book’s successful launch, Jared is planning to build a self-improvement company offering community coaching and courses on how to control their mind & mindset. He also plans for his company to teach others how to start a business where they can enjoy the process and are happy to do it because they have the right programming. Additionally, Jared sees himself on stage, speaking at conferences around the globe and changing people’s lives.

To learn more about Jared Springer, you may visit his website. His book I’ll Be Happy When can be found on Amazon

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