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Impactful Solutions Academy: Helping Businesses Grow

Starting a small business is no small feat. It takes a lot of planning, organization, and dedication. But even the most well-prepared entrepreneur can face business problems. When business owners cannot fix the issues that crop up, it may lead to a decline in company revenue, customer retention, or staff management. To combat this, entrepreneurs can look up resources that will help them through these issues. Impactful Solutions Academy is one such resource dedicated to providing business owners with growth strategies and solutions that will fit their unique business needs.

Impactful Solutions Academy makes it its mission to help businesses thrive. This company works with various small business enterprises and helps them develop better leadership opportunities. Among other tools and methods that help support entrepreneurs, this academy teaches Motivational Interviewing. This is a practice where professionals are trained to listen and use open-ended questions, which will help the consumer resolve issues with more ease.

Impactful Solutions Academy was founded by Raymond Baxter, who is also known as Coach Ray. Over thirty years of experience in the financial sector of business management has made him an expert at guiding companies in maximizing customer service productivity and accelerating profits. In his three decades in business, Baxter has witnessed significant business failures and economic downturns alongside successful ventures and start-ups. He shares his wealth of knowledge with other business owners, helping them succeed.

Because every business has a unique set of strengths and weaknesses, Raymond Baxter’s coaching sessions at Impactful Solutions Academy are on a one-on-one basis. These focused and in-depth sessions make it easier for entrepreneurs to identify the obstacles their business is facing. Once these issues are identified, Coach Ray helps business owners develop offers or generate sales and leads. He can also offer other solutions depending on the entrepreneur’s needs. These coaching sessions aim to help business owners map out sales, eliminate gaps in their services, and achieve growth at a scale that the company can handle. Raymond Baxter uses a proprietary E-Learning Marketing System during these consultation sessions. This system is used by small businesses worldwide and is considered one of the most powerful client attraction programs.

For business owners who are hesitant about having one-on-one coaching sessions at Impactful Solutions Academy, they can opt to start with Coach Ray’s free ebook. This ebook guides entrepreneurs on increasing leads, doubling sales, and increasing annual revenue despite not spending anything on additional advertising and marketing campaigns. While these tips have a more generalized nature, they can still provide valuable insight and better business strategies. 

Aside from running Impactful Solutions Academy, Raymond Baxter is also an accomplished speaker and author. He gives talks on better leadership practices that will help businesses increase productivity and engage with employees. His books give entrepreneurs the tools to explore untapped resources within their current business model to help them grow their enterprise. Baxter has earned his Six Sigma Black Belt Professional Certification in Project Management, and he is a member of the National Society of Leadership and Success. He also runs a podcast called Coach Ray Speaks, where he discusses the successes and failures of various small businesses. Baxter leaves his listeners with lessons that they can apply to their own ventures. Currently, he is working on completing his Ph.D. in Finance.Raymond Baxter is an experienced business coach and speaker. For more information about one-on-one coaching sessions with him, you may visit the Impactful Solutions Academy Facebook page. More information about Raymond Baxter is also available on this website.

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