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Innovative Senior Care Consultants Prepare the US For the Upcoming Silver Tsunami

By the year 2030, all the nation’s baby boomers will be considered elders. This natural phenomenon is known as the Silver Tsunami. Despite this massive surge of clientele throughout the country, the American senior care industry remains greatly understaffed. Two Georgia born sisters and healthcare professionals understood the assignment and have dedicated their lives to creating remedies to enrich the lives of elders and enhance the quality of long-term care with their company, Innovative Senior Consultants. 

While the sisters-turned-CEOs have made over 20 million in sales in their 15 years of business, it was the passion for serving seniors in their community that motivated them to take their consulting agency to the next level. Eshonda Blue and Jessica Wright started Innovative Senior Consultants to improve the lives of seniors and disabled adults by transforming the care experience as a whole. They are developing a culture of people passionate about serving seniors with the highest quality services, supporting their health, safety, and dignity. The fruits of their efforts bloomed across southwest Georgia for over a decade. However, in order to meet their big, hairy, audacious goal of being a nationally recognized company in 20 years, setting the standards of innovative caregiving through comprehensive senior networks, they knew they had to duplicate their efforts on a grander scale.

The founders were well aware of the value of their senior care business blueprint, as they sold a business in 2019 for 7-figures. The system Blue and Wright crafted came about through synthesizing extensive business developing and leadership training, 20 years of combined experience as healthcare professionals, and real world experience of growing multi-million dollar businesses from the ground up. The women even knew how to secure and flip properties in strategic areas to revitalize communities while simultaneously increasing their businesses’ footprint. 

Innovative Senior Consultants have acquired 22 properties, with plans to purchase 25 more over the course of this year. They have plenty of inspection ready facilities, a multi-million dollar blueprint, and ample connections through their associations. What they need now, are more ambitious, trainable, entrepreneurs who were willing to step into leadership roles to run the businesses. “We want to encourage entrepreneurs who are stalling, due to lack of finances or knowledge, how to enter the senior care industry and be profitable while providing quality service.” the founders revealed

Through their Accelerator Membership, the sisters mentor individuals, real estate investors, and healthcare professionals with serious interest in starting, managing, and growing a profitable senior care business. Their strategy to holistically address the senior care industry has been instrumental in Blue and Wright’s ability to create success for their clients, generate hundreds of new jobs, and truly innovate the way America views the senior care industry.
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