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Inspire Your Daughters and Sons Inc. Introduces New Kreative Master Minds Program

Inspire Your Daughters and Sons Inc. is empowering the youth and families worldwide through its renowned Four F Framework – Faith, Family, Fun, and Finance. In a recent endeavor to make more difference in the world, the nonprofit organization launched a new program called Kreative Master Minds. They empower youth in K – 12 to find their voice and build confidence through arts and culture, specifically through creative writing. The program aims to help young writers and aspiring authors find their voice and share their own narratives to allow their stories to make their way to readers around the globe.

Inspire Your Daughters and Sons Inc. has always played a significant role in supporting families and children in strengthening broken relationships, building stronger bonds with social and emotional learning tools, and producing generational wealth. While doing so, the nonprofit ensures that their beneficiaries have fun throughout the process and learn how to express themselves with confidence. The organization has been hosting masterclasses, training, courses, and conversations on its Facebook community centered around the Four F Framework, and today, it is welcoming more beneficiaries through the Kreative Master Minds Program. 

Kreative Master Minds is a creative writing program that aims to enrich young lives by promoting mindfulness, self-esteem, identity, writing, and culture. It also aims to create an environment that exposes inner-city youth to become professional writers and authors. All participants of the Kreative Master Minds program will be guided through the process of writing their own children’s book, building confidence by finding their voice in creative writing, and connecting with a pen pal who is another youth in Africa. Participants will also have the opportunity to have a completed published book. Entering the creative writing industry may be challenging but Inspiring Your Daughters and Sons Inc. believes that nothing is impossible for young dreamers who are passionate about letting their voices inspire others. 

Inspire Your Daughters and Sons Inc. was built by founder and CEO Yalanda Barber-Sweney, the first African-American woman who created a female and male toy curated as African-American Foster Care Heroes – Princess Yaya and King James. Together with her team, the CEO has been helping countless families and children, especially those with mild to moderate disabilities, such as personality and attention deficit disorders.

“Most parents are busier now more than ever because of the increase in work hours which leaves them with less time to spend with their children. Oftentimes, because of the lack of time spent, children develop low self-esteem and are in need of an outlet to express themselves creatively,” explained Yalanda. “Through our programs, we not only teach the youth how to create a body of written work to publish, but we teach them how to monetize it and become a kidpreneur. We also support and assist other nonprofits that have similar clients in teaching them how to publish books to build visibility and generate revenue in the marketplace,” she added further.

In five years, Inspiring Your Daughters and Sons Inc. envisions launching many other empowering programs like the Kreative Master Minds and expanding into other visual arts avenues, such as dance, drama, photography, drawing, music, and literature.

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