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Instagram Influencer Cemo Basen Shares How His Dreams Kept Him Going

Dreams have this amazing power to keep people alive and striving for more regardless of the roadblocks life throws their way. Cemo Basen is a testament to how dreams work, and his story is truly one worth telling. 

Cemo Basen was born and raised in the slums of Pakistan. He grew up not only with financial hardships but also surrounded by people who ridiculed his dream and talent. But he never allowed his situation to define and limit his trajectory, constantly pushing forward and dreaming even bigger with every criticism. Finally, bringing nothing but a dream with him, he moved to the United States to pursue his lifelong aspiration of becoming an actor. Amid the poverty, Cemo was inspired by Hollywood icon Johnny Depp and his excellent portrayal of his role in Pirates of the Caribbean, igniting a fire inside the dreamer’s heart to earn the spotlight someday and cement his name in Hollywood. 

Moving to the United States brought out the survivor in Cemo as he had to face many challenges, especially making ends meet. He was homeless for months and had friends discouraging him, but he never stopped dreaming. Focused on his goal of being an actor, Cemo marched forward and grabbed every opportunity he could to make it to Hollywood. 

But life had other plans for Cemo and led him to another remarkable journey as a social media influencer, embracing one of the most unexpected turns in his career. Today, he enthusiastically shares his lifestyle with over 2.1 million followers on Instagram he calls family.

In addition, he also started a series called Raising an Influencer, which was streamed on Fox5dc. Cemo was also a contestant on Mr. DC 2021. The influencer has also been walking the ramps, working with many brands as a model.

“I started making videos on Instagram but never thought that I would become an influencer,” shared Cemo. A huge part of his transition came during the COVID-19 pandemic. Like most people stuck at home, Cemo wanted to find ways to connect with others despite being isolated and making Instagram videos became his avenue. Soon enough, he gained the love and affection of millions of followers. “For two years, I’ve never looked back and made content every day,” the influencer added.

Cemo creates videos that inspire and uplift his audience to pursue what makes them happy and live life to the fullest. He never holds back in showcasing his authentic self to his viewers, and he learned that his followers love him the way he is. The 33-year-old is thriving to empower his viewers to not be afraid of being themselves and, more importantly, to dream big regardless of what others say. 

“I am proud of what I have achieved until now as an influencer, but still, the best is yet to come,” Cemo said. There’s still a long way to go for Cemo to steal the spotlight in Hollywood, but with the amount of dedication he is putting into his dream, there’s no doubt that he will become a household name, not only as an influencer but as the actor he was always born to be. 

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