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International Trailblazer, Author, and CollatEd Founder, Sara Ketabi, Hosts 2020 Global Governance Summit and Impacts over 109 Countries

The COVID-19 pandemic has dubiously launched an unparalleled impact on the global economy and has accentuated systemic shortcomings in developing countries. Amid the crisis, youth-led initiatives have shown promise towards a more sustainable society. In the summer of 2020, Founder and CEO of CollatEd Lab, Sara Ketabi, took heroic action to mobilize the African public sector to effectively respond to the health, political, and economic effects of COVID-19 by hosting the first annual Global Governance Summit (GGS). 

From June 26th-28th, CollatEd Lab invited world leaders, governments, and United Nations agencies to convene at Global Governance Summit 2020. Facilitating policy dialogue on aligning sustainable finance, resilient healthcare systems, global government capacity-building, and combatting COVID-19 in light of recent events, GGS unites development stakeholders to accelerate the Sustainable Development Goals, kicking off a decade of effective, innovative action. 

We had the opportunity to interview Ketabi herself on the success of the event. 

“We hosted 200+ high levels including prime ministers, presidents, ministers of foreign affairs, country ambassadors, UN officers, embassy representatives, political advisors, etc., who heard from members/organizations of the academic community at Harvard and Stanford University. Several topics inclusive of the theme of uniting global governments included foreign policy, public health, redesigning digital democracy, evidence-based policymaking in developing nations, the use of financial mechanisms for the SDGs, the political economy of humanitarian crises, ESG partnerships, and more. I also want to thank the African Union and ICA for collaborating to coordinate guest speakers across Africa, Asia, and the Middle East.”

Moreover, internationally-awarded author, Sara Ketabi, analyzes recent events in sustainable finance, global government capacity-building, and health policy in Leveraging the Global Political Economy to Achieve Sustainable Development, endorsed by HE President of Rwanda and President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. At the 2020 Global Government Summit, interviews organized by CollatEd Lab, an international data-driven and government-backed foreign-policy consulting organization led by its founder, Sara Ketabi, expose promising international development strategies and their respective political risks and extensive social impacts. Delivering actionable policy insights via this book to over 200 diplomats and academic delegates of GGS, CollatEd Lab is one of the first organizations to apply geopolitical innovation as a means of pedagogy to propel the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in over 100 countries. Recognized by the United Nations High-Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development, CollatEd assists world ministries and prime ministers alike to find practical policy applications of technical knowledge in order to deliver solutions to institutional sustainability issues, all while strengthening research-based input to global policymaking and pioneering an ethical, socially-conscious foreign policy approach in developing countries. Based on the 2020 Global Governance Summit (GGS) hosted from June 28th-30th, this book explores the formation of strategic alliances for multi-sectoral collaboration, intergovernmental knowledge exchange, and sustainable governance strategies to foster inclusive alliances for capacity-building in government. On national television, with the Rwanda Broadcasting Agency, Sara Ketabi interviews Presidents, Prime Ministers, Ministers of Foreign Affairs, United Nations Agencies, and esteemed Ambassadors on aligning cross-cutting issues–ranging from shaping the future of the digital economy and corporations in the context of the 4th Industrial Revolution to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on women, children, and biotechnology– with real solutions that would simultaneously improve the foreign policy of 22 nations

It has since then been over a year since the summit; Ketabi thus says, “and the data indicates that we have seen massive improvements to pandemic management in developing nations and appropriate adjustments to sustainable diplomacy (foreign policymaking).” 

Ultimately, both GGS and Leveraging the Global Political Economy to Achieve Sustainable Development unite political and economic stakeholders to accelerate the UN Development Goals, kicking off a decade of effective, innovative action. 

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