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Introducing A SHIB: First Shib Token to Enter the Cardano Network Aims to Become Shiba Inu’s Sister

Shiba Inu meme tokens have definitely reshaped the cryptocurrency landscape. The coin drove Ethereum’s popularity over the years, and it continues to be one of the strongest tokens in the digital currency landscape. Meanwhile, the Cardano Network is only beginning to welcome tokens, and A SHIB is officially one of the three to first launch in the scene. A SHIB wants to follow the footsteps of Shiba Inu and be known as its sister token.

While Cardano is comparatively smaller than Ethereum, the network is rapidly gaining traction. With the entrance of A SHIB, Cardano is expecting a surge as the token will be utilizing low gas fees and the network’s extended UTXO model, giving it an edge over its competition.

For its initial token sale, A SHIB has made itself available for swapping. However, the token is yet to be included on Dex listings, which makes the presale only available through its website. Furthermore, the limited-time presale will provide early investors leverage as the token will be launching multiple NFT projects in the coming weeks, which will only be obtained using A SHIB tokens. The creators aim for a successful presale as NFT enthusiasts are already flocking to its exchange page to get hold of A SHIB as early as now. 

Following the presale, A SHIB will be listed on DEXs and other CEXs. The date of which is yet to be announced, but once done successfully, A SHIB will officially be the first live DEXs on the Cardano network.

“The current plan is to continue our public sale through our exchange page until DEXs are live. At that point, we will use some of the ADA we have received through the public sale to create an ADA or A SHIB liquidity pair,” explained the anonymous founders.

After that, A SHIB will form a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) where community members can make proposals and platform changes funded from their DAO treasury or Community Ideas token reserves.

The last step on A SHIB’s roadmap is entering the CNFT marketplace. A SHIB’s goal is to create its own CNFT marketplace that accepts the token as payment and further integrate A SHIB as payment for other CNFT marketplaces and launches.

A SHIB has a total supply of 1 trillion tokens. While this is significantly less than Ethereum’s Shiba Inu, which has 589 trillion tokens, the founders are confident that it is enough to accommodate the public sale, contribute to its DAO treasure, liquidity, community ideas, marketing efforts, CEX listings, and support its team.

“We have allocated a significant portion of our tokens to Community Ideas and our DAO treasury. The idea is we can equip those both within our DAO and those in the community with the resources they need to accomplish community-led ideas and initiatives. We are looking for your ideas and voice on how these reserves should best be utilized,” explained the founders.

A SHIB was founded by five anonymous creators who prefer to stay out of the public eye to allow the project to grow organically and not be influenced by its supporting team.

Learn more about A SHIB on its website.

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