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Itsmannimania Pioneers “Vybe,” a New Music Genre to Connect with Listeners More Deeply

Itsmannimania is a musical artist who’s heavy on his lyrics, message, and emotions in his songs. His music has a hip-hop foundation with a little bit of pop and trap music. The versatile musician and producer is instilling his roots in the new genre he created called “Vybe,” which fuses Hip-Hop, Pop, and Rock music. Describing the genre, Itsmannimania said, “Vybe music is all about deep lyrics that send the audience into a hypnotic state that gets them connected to the music. It is catchy music that gets stuck on the first listen and makes the listener repeat the lyrics throughout the day. It was set up that way and the goal is to get people to listen to the songs and go through their day with positive energy.”

Itsmannimania’s style entails rhyming, punchlines, and wordplays. His music covers various themes and topics around his past experiences and current circumstances ranging from wealth, music culture, rap style, and partying, among others. He’s all about positive energy, and he wants his audience to feel that energy too.

Born Jacob Clark, his musical journey has been mostly self-managed. He established an independent record label called Vybed Out Records and is signed to a non-exclusive deal with VIP Recordings. Outside music, Itsmannimania is involved in other businesses in the entertainment scene, which includes his internet radio station that helps independent artists monetize their craft while creating awareness for their songs and helping them project their careers to the next level. As he builds his music career, he has created a platform for upcoming artists to get heard, which is a testament to how passionate he is about uplifting others. His other interests include creating podcasts, launching a shoe line, and creating a cartoon series.

Itsmannimania makes music for people who need music to lift their mood and liven up their spirit. He has also created this genre for artists who make music that helps people feel happy but don’t quite know how to classify their music. Itsmannimania welcomes everyone to the Vybe music genre and hopes the genre stands the test of time. Creating his own genre of music is one of the most unique things about him, as it shows how far he’s willing to go to separate himself from the crowd and curate his audience specifically for his genre.

Itsmannimania has built a career in a self-developed musical style and hopes to become a well-known name in a few years. He has plans to go fully dive into the entertainment business not only to make his music genre a mainstay but also to play a significant role in helping other upcoming artists build their careers. His passion for delivering quality, happy, and soul-lifting music helps him stay grounded in his genre. In his words, he said, “I wouldn’t have it any other way. What I do makes me happy as long as my audience is happy. I don’t want to make music that I don’t enjoy myself just because everyone is doing it. Vybe music gives good vibes and it’s here to stay.”Learn more about Jacob “itsmannimania” Clark on his official website or follow him on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

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