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Jack Fulton Smith Bounces Back from the Ripple Effects of COVID-19 with His Band, Idolising Nova

Just as the COVID-19 pandemic shook the world and everything inside it, musicians and people working in the public space got the worst of it. Jack Fulton Smith, a member of Idolising Nova, a band based in the United Kingdom, felt the pandemic’s impact. In March 2020, the lockdown was in full force worldwide, and everything seemed to be crumbling. In Jack’s words, “I lost all motivation at that point to push myself and succeed. My band and I had big plans for the year, including a UK and Europe tour with a major label. With the worldwide lockdown, all our plans ground to a halt.”

Jack Fulton Smith is the lead singer of Idolising Nova, a band that has enjoyed success in the United Kingdom, the Middle East, and other parts of Europe. Many of the songs Jack has written and performed have made it to the charts on national radio and television in the United Kingdom. In 2018, Idolising Nova joined The Vamps on their European tour and entertained more than three thousand people. With all the world’s problems and everything suddenly pausing, Jack had to reinvent things with himself and his position in the brand.

Outside his music career, Jack works at Stilton Butchers as a digital marketing manager. Stilton Butchers is a family-run business that has existed since 1978 and grew in prominence as one of the biggest online butchers in the UK due to the pandemic. Jack handles all the digital marketing for the company and has played a major role over the past year. While he tried to do other things, his mind kept coming back to creating and performing music. At first, he was worried because the band could not perform, but with time, seeing how the world adapted quickly to the situation, Jack Fulton Smith and his band members began to think about solutions.

Despite the uncertainties surrounding the lockdown, Jack Fulton Smith spurred his band to start working on new music. They had more time to write music and listen to it. They set to work and successfully released three singles in 2020, garnering hundreds of thousands of streams. Even though live shows weren’t happening, Idolising Nova went fully digital and began to create more content to engage with fans online—something the band didn’t do enough of before the pandemic.

The band also released some music videos, which have gotten more than 100,000 views each on YouTube. Jack’s dream for his band is to keep working with the brand and try out new things. He expects that in some years, Idolising Nova will get signed to a major record label, going on tours around the world. Jack also plans to help upcoming artists and brands get established in the music world. “I have a wealth of experience to share, noteworthy of which is how my brand and I navigated the pandemic and stayed connected with our fans,” Jack says.

Learn more about Jack and his work with Idolising Nova on the band’s official website.

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