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James Vitas Looks To Take Over The Real Estate Industry

In 2004, James Vitas set off on his entrepreneurial journey and started VMD Companies from his basement, at the age of 19. Through hell-bent determination, persistence, and an unfathomable work ethic, James Vitas built VMD Companies into the powerhouse that now stands. VMD Companies is a New England-based real estate firm that embodies an entrepreneurial, creative, hands-on methodology.

At VMD Companies, James Vitas focuses on the commercial real estate market, from acquisition and entitlements through financing, leasing, and disposition. With special efforts directed toward opportunistic and value-add investment strategies, James Vitas strives to optimize the firm’s yields through equity syndication and creative debt structuring. James Vitas works closely with VMD’s LP base, lending relationships, and an array of the firm’s high-profile network. James Vitas has ushered the company through years of substantial growth, all during the Great Recession, credit crisis, and recent COVID-19 pandemic. Navigating challenging times and complex transactions is James Vitas specialty. Under James Vitas stewardship, VMD Companies has actively overseen and developed in excess of $1 Billion in real estate, with projects ranging from New England to South Florida.

VMD Companies has grown into a business tycoon and has been awarded handsomely for its efforts. In 2012, VMD Companies was presented with the project of the year award by the New Hampshire Planners Associate and American Society of Civil Engineers. In 2016, VMD Companies was awarded the project of the year by the State of New Hampshire. James Vitas’ most prized accomplishment to date was the largest single tenant net lease transaction in US History. James Vitas acquired the 827,336 square foot NECCO facility for $52 million and later sold it 18 months later for $355 million.

James Vitas enjoys spreading his wisdom to young hungry entrepreneurs, as his mentor once did for him. He advises his mentees “To completely immerse themselves in any business they choose to pursue. Obsessing over detail and living in a constant state of paranoia, is what makes you win. Not talking or bragging about what you do, but letting your hard work speak for itself.”

The future of VMD Companies looks extremely bright under the leadership of James Vitas. VMD Companies has multiple divisions through multiple disciplines that over time have driven its vertically integrated success. Looking around the corner toward the next best thing has always challenged VMD Companies to stay contrarians. As time continues to evolve, VMD Companies have positioned themselves via an institutional platform to continue to succeed. For the next five years, VMD Companies holds alternative investments, specifically multiple offshoots that will allow VMD Companies to pivot and capitalize within other alternative asset classes. James Vitas will certainly continue to dominate in these uncertain times ahead. Be on the lookout for all the fantastic developments VMD Companies have underway.

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