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Jared Scott on Advocating for Mental Health and Creating a Supportive Community

A native of Greenwood, Midland, Texas, Jared Scott,  is an American public speaker, hip-hop artist, and entrepreneur. He began his musical artistry and songwriting at the age of 9 and launched his solo career in recording and producing his songs in 2014. Through hard work and continuous pursuit of his passion, Jared has worked with prominent individuals in the music industry and successfully established his name as an artist with a unique sound and style in the field. As an independent artist, he has recorded songs with rappers DAX and Neff the Pharaoh, releasing songs such as his solo records TrustNobody and Life Lessons that earmarked his name as a rising star with original lyrics in the music industry.

Aside from his artistry in songwriting, Jared Scott is also a talented public speaker. He started his speaking career at the age of 15 when his hometown experienced a suicide epidemic where twelve people in the Permian Basin committed suicide in one calendar year.  Up until that moment, Jared was a shy kid that was only known to speak up and show his true colors around close family and friends. However, witnessing so much pain and lack of understanding in his community, he was driven to overcome his fears and be the difference, becoming the cheerful voice desperately needed to prevent the loss of more loved ones.

Ever since Jared has traveled around the country speaking publicly to hundreds of thousands of people. Through his motivational words and excellent delivery, many of his listeners have been inspired to change their life for the better. Taking his selfless mission of inspiring people around the country to the next level, this influential individual, alongside others, founded  Free to Speak Inc. – a non-profit organization providing free mental health services to underfunded communities. 

A multi-talented artist with a big heart, Jared is dedicated to positively impacting people’s lives. He emphasizes the importance of people using their voices while also letting others express themselves. Through Free to Speak Inc., he teaches others how to listen to the voices, which are usually left unheard, unnoticed, and ignored. He wants to make a difference and improve the mental health of individuals that don’t have a budget in place to make it possible. 

He wants every individual to have the opportunity to boost their mental resilience, overcome failure, and improve their mental health. Therefore,  he is using his platform as the first mental health speaker to start a non-profit organization that provides the necessary funds needed to implement proper mental health services to all communities, people, and organizations that are open to social-emotional learning. Through his platform, Jared Scott reaches out to people that others would often deem “unreachable.” People who have been labeled as outliers, outcasts, and trouble-makers. The ones who have lost their will to live, their will to fight, and their will to be a part of something. He also hopes to connect with the broader community to label them to break the cycle that is often perpetuated for generations through reaching these individuals.

Unlike many other speakers, Jared has garnered over a decade of experience as a public speaker, his innate understanding of people developed from experience and interactions that happened during his formative years. From his teenage years to adulthood,  Jared was able to document and speak through his journey, navigating the pivotal times. His insights help teens and people in their 20s better understand themselves and bridge the gap between them and their elders. 

Jared has continuously pressed forward throughout his public speaking journey, perfected his craft with life’s experiences, and showed no signs of slowing down. His genuine passion for connecting people with different perspectives, different outcomes, and different backgrounds only continues to grow. In the coming years, Jared will have graduated with his Psychology degree and pursue his post-graduate degree. 

You can also expect to see Jared speak in over a thousand venues, as well as leading a non-profit that supports people nationwide and empowered them to have access to the mental health tools necessary to succeed in life. The perspective gained from Jared’s speeches has the power to unify people of all generations, ethnicities, backgrounds, and cultures. After all, his love for public speaking is rooted in its positive effect on his audience, leading to change in their community. 

To learn more about Jared Scott, his musical career and his mental health advocacy, visit his website.

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