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Jason Mitchell Group Acquires The Fulton Team To Join America’s #1 Real Estate Team

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Jason Mitchell Group (JMG) America’s #1 B2B Real Estate Team continues to grow with its latest acquisition, The Fulton team in Minneapolis, Minnesota, to their already highly productive brokerage. 

JMG has always aligned itself with the best market leaders, and is currently servicing some of the largest corporations in the world. When it comes to buying or selling a home, there is no one better to do it than a JMG agent. Now, with the addition of a new team, it is even better than ever before. 

The Fulton team is one of the largest groups of established agents to be acquired by the Jason Mitchell Group. Fulton Realty excels at representing the finest properties in the region with exceptional skill, utilizing the latest and most innovative technologies available to offer ultimate privacy and security, speed, and efficiency. By having extensive expertise in the field of real estate, it has allowed them to deeply understand the mindset of both home buyers and sellers, as well as a comprehensive knowledge of the regional marketplace. 

“We couldn’t have been prouder of this new addition to JMG. This is the exact kind of leadership we look for as we expand, and we couldn’t have asked for a better culture fit.” Says Jason Mitchell, CEO of The Jason Mitchell Group. 

The Fulton team is full of passionate agents who thrive in their careers in real estate. Within the team, you’ll find Yolande Klutse, who believes that “homes are special. They are a place to create memories and growth, so the process of purchasing a first, second, or third home should be as smooth as possible. With 6 years of experience in the industry, I bring efficiency, attention to detail, clear communication, and the ability to get things done to every client.” 

During any time of your life, homebuying can be a very stressful process. JMG will help you find a house that you will be excited to call home without the stress caused by the home-searching process.  

With the new acquisition of the Fulton team, finding the perfect home with The Jason Mitchell Group has just become easier. If you are in search of professional representation, strong negotiation power, and someone who truly pays attention to detail in the homebuying process, you can trust that America’s #1 Real Estate Team has your back. 

Professional representation is crucial when buying a new home. Someone who represents your and your family’s best interests is always going to make sure you get the best possible. JMG’s agents have always succeeded in this department. America’s #1 Real Estate Team has helped over 25,000 people purchase their homes since they were established in 2006. As the company grows, they still want to ensure that their clients get the most personalized experience possible. It is very important to maintain great quality, while still helping as many clients as possible find the perfect place to call home. With that being said, we are excited to welcome the Fulton Team to JMG. 

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