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Jason Pierce and Chronic Athletics Are Moving at the Speed of Adventure

Photo: Founder Jason Pierce Location: Annapurna-Himalayas,Nepal with the Ski & Snowboard Foundation of Nepal pc: Daniel Bear 

A good athletic brand isn’t just about its high-quality products. Given that the standard has been set these days, it’s all about breaking that standard and pushing the boundaries of the outdoor experience. Chronic® Athletics goes above and beyond what is deemed fit for an outdoor sporting brand, and it does this in a variety of unique and innovative ways that are highly beneficial to its loyal patrons.

Founder and CEO of Chronic®, Jason Pierce, is fully driven and passionate about bringing its customers the most innovative products through rigorous design. “Our goal is to make your experience better. Adding overall value to your outdoor experience is our main objective,” said Pierce. 

The esteemed entrepreneur built Chronic® from the ground up. He saw that he had to bridge the gap in the sporting industry, which is why he built a brand that would offer fashionable, long-lasting goods. The brand he created has always been grounded in a single set of beliefs, along with new creative design ideas and a philosophical approach to bring added value to others through innovation and design. 

Aside from its high-quality product offerings, Chronic® is a way of life. The brand’s reputation has shot up in recent years due to the immense value it has provided to its customers. It has been featured in a variety of mainstream publications such as Forbes, Fox News, NBC, CBS, Outside TV, and more. 

Dubbed as America’s Brand, Chronic® now goes the extra mile with Chronic Outreach as a way of giving back to the community. The brand further challenges itself to provide a complete immersive positive experience utilizing its extensive network of outdoor professionals, facilities, and individuals to provide the youths with wellness, recovery, and personal growth experience blended with other resources in world-class environments. 

Chronic® rises up to the challenge by working as a team unit with the existing organizations it is affiliated with. “We will be a component in a multi-phase rehabilitation program geared to bring positive life-changing experiences and opportunities to these youth,” explained Jason Pierce. “Our passion for innovation and our drive to provide outdoor awareness with a path to wellness, opportunity, and recovery gives us access to provide a healthy lifestyle option and will strive to make a positive life-changing future for these children,” he added. 

Chronic® is on a whole other level, ‘MOVING AT THE SPEED OF ADVENTURE™,’ by providing a world-class level of wellness and healing experience through its esteemed outreach program. The brand is poised to create a better world through its positive contributions to society. Jason Pierce hopes to continue to provide this level of service to the world, hoping to continue the work he does with his brand over to the next millennium and beyond.

Jason Pierce and Chronic® are definitely moving at the speed of adventure, and they have no plans of slowing down any time soon. It’s truly an exciting time for the world to bear witness to such a brand that is passionate about serving others in a time where unrest and negativity seem to pervade our world. 

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