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Jeremy Haynes Distributes $1.2M in Free Trainings Amid COVID-19 Crisis

The coronavirus pandemic and economic lockdowns brought hundreds of thousands of businesses to their knees, causing a drastic loss of sales and thousands of business closures. Amid the rising entrepreneurial crash, successful digital marketer and entrepreneur Jeremy Haynes provided free training that has helped hundreds of businesses survive and even thrive in these unprecedented times. 

Jeremy Haynes is one of today’s leading consultants and educators in the field of digital marketing. His experience extends into vital business success aspects, including personal branding, digital marketing, e-commerce, business development, and growth hacking. The entrepreneur’s online program, Personal Brand University, has been dubbed as “the Harvard of personal brand courses” and has helped many businesses and entrepreneurs grow a profitable brand online. 

A proven expert in his field, Jeremy has helped countless entrepreneurs gain up to seven figures in monthly sales through the power of technology and digital marketing. He has worked with some of the best people in e-commerce and digital sales, including Dan Los, Ryan Serhant, Anik Singal, Garrett J White, Grant Cardone, and Tai Lopez, to name a few.

When the COVID-19 crisis exploded last year, Jeremy took it upon himself to do his part in helping as many business owners as he could. Despite the challenges that 2020 ushered in, the digital marketing expert decided to give back to the community by awarding over 800 entrepreneurs with access to his top training lessons, “Digital Marketing Manuscript” and “Digital Skill Pack.”

The bundle has a valuation of $1,468 per entry. It has helped companies exponentially surpass that investment many times over through a remarkable collection of tried and true strategies that have brought in millions in sales through online channels for thousands of businesses. By providing this assistance to business owners in these challenging times, Jeremy doesn’t just feed people with proverbial fish but teaches them how to fish in this new reality post-COVID-19. 

The world has shifted into a digital age. E-commerce sales continue to rise every year, and social media channels and other digital platforms increase in user count. Jeremy believes in the power of digital strategies to bring about a new level of business growth to anyone who wants to leverage on the growing cloud of entrepreneurial opportunity. 

After working under sales and marketing expert Grant Cardone for several years, Jeremy branched out and started his marketing agency, Megalodon Marketing, five years ago. During that time, he picked up and absorbed many principles and practices that have translated into results for his business and over 3,000 paying students who learn from Jeremy Haynes regularly.

The marketing expert has also taught in three Tai Lopez classes and one lesson in Mentor Box, a leading entrepreneurship and self-development training program that helps people devour self-help books and apply growth principles to their personal lives, careers, and business goals. 

Altogether, Jeremy has impacted tens of thousands of lives worldwide through his training programs and content. Thousands of his students have turned in significant profits and built successful ventures. But with Jeremy’s track record of success, he looks to the future and hopes to influence hundreds of thousands more through his company.

To learn more about Jeremy Haynes, visit his LinkedIn profile, YouTube channel, Instagram account, and website.

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