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John Bommarito and His Astronomic Rise in the Automotive Industry 

High achievers in any niche or industry are often the standout doers. Neither competition nor circumstances matter to them. Instead, they find ways to get things done and come out on top. John Bommarito exudes these qualities that have helped him excel year after year in the automotive industry for the last 45 years.

Falling in love with cars at a very young age and getting the chance to work close to cars at the age of 12 in the parking and washing department at his father’s company, Bommarito Automotive Group were the launchpads John Bommarito needed to get on the path to success. By his 15th birthday, John moved to the service department and the parts department, which helped him understand the inner workings of the automotive industry. However, his interest never waned, and when he got to college, he spent his free time working at the Ellisville automotive location of Bommarito Automotive Group after school hours. In 1987, he graduated from college with honors and got into Stanford University Medical School.

However, his love for cars trumped everything else, and shortly after, he became a salesperson for new Mazda cars. Next, he became the finance manager at the Nissan location and then sales manager and general manager. However, working at the family business, Bommarito Automotive Group, never made him complacent but instead ignited a burning desire to prove himself and take giant strides with the company. 

At a point in his career, he was transferred to Bommarito Automotive Group’s subsidiary, Bommarito Cellular. He was made general manager, and he made record-breaking sales year after year. He also established over sixty retail stores and created a nationally recognized initiative called “Buy a Car Get a Phone” with over 300 auto dealers. Under John’s leadership, Bommarito Cellular became one of the three wholesale distributors of Nokia mobile phones in North America. John’s influence was felt massively across the company, and after the success, he recorded with Bommarito Cellular, he returned to the automotive division to continue edging the company towards success.

For two decades, John Bommarito has applied hard work, determination, tenacity and outstanding negotiation skills to achieve astronomical growth. He had taken his father, Frank Bommarito’s legacy of over 50 years into Missouri’s number one choice for consumers and their automotive needs. He also oversaw the growth of the company’s internet division, making him a regional sales authority with a proven track record of immense sales growth.

Today, Bommarito Automotive has expanded to more locations and included more car franchises in its lineup, such as the Buick Franchise from General Motors’ phased-out models, the Honda, Audi and Volkswagen franchises in Hazelwood and Ford, Nissan and Toyota. John leads a team of over a thousand members at Bommarito as the group’s president. He was also named the winner of the “President Clubs” winner for his outstanding sales and service awards from franchises like Toyota, Ford, Nissan, Infiniti and Volkswagen.

Achieving success over the years is by no means an easy feat, but John Bommarito proved it could be done. He created, developed and grew, proving to the world that success is a possibility as long as passion exists.

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