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John Ritz Simplifies Mortgage Loans Process and Access through Dragon Mortgage LLC

When it comes to financial decisions, mortgages take a large chunk of what constitutes the major financial decisions plaguing several adults and homeowners across the United States. Mortgages are bittersweet, as people have won and lost their homes due to their mortgages. Considering how vital housing and shelter are, even a slight dent in one’s accommodation and housing would affect every aspect of one’s life. John S. Ritz is an experienced loan officer whose several years of operating in the mortgage loan industry have equipped him with the knowledge necessary to point people in the right direction of what constitutes the best mortgage loan options.

John Ritz is the CEO of Dragon Mortgage, a leading mortgage loans processing and brokerage company responsible for easing the lives of its clients and, by extension, has helped many of its clients find and access the best mortgage rates and acquire their dream homes in the process. John is committed to serving intending and existing homeowners, developers, and real estate investors through establishing a unique relationship, which includes creating long-term partnerships with people he has worked with through the years. And after several years of leading his company towards helping people secure their dream homes, John has found the winning formula for getting the best mortgage rates. “Nothing beats my experience,” he quipped.

In terms of experience, John lacks nothing, having been academically certified to operate in the field and earned himself several years of experience working on the field. In addition, he holds a master’s degree in Business Administration majoring in Real Estate from Redding University and understands all the ins and outs of the property market.

Before establishing Dragon Mortgage LLC, John has worked underwriting with FHA and conventional loans and has a long work history with highly influential mortgage companies. His impressive portfolio extends to every aspect of real estate and mortgage, having also previously worked as the Senior Mortgage Consultant for Centennial Mortgage Group; Senior Loan Officer in Lending Capital Group Inc; Director of Business Development in Equity Prime Mortgage; and Senior Vice President of Operations for Liberty Mortgage LLC, to name a few.

According to John, one of the first things he realized early on in his line of business is that mortgages, even though most of the time look simple from the outside, are bound to get messy when one decides to deal with them independently. And one of the reasons behind his establishing Dragon Mortgage LLC is to help save people time and unnecessary headaches and messy situations because of mortgages.

“There’s so much to mortgages, and the financial industry hasn’t made it simple enough for end-users,” explains the CEO of Dragon Mortgage LLC. “That’s why we do what we do—to make things simple for people so that one’s dreams of buying a house doesn’t turn into a nightmare.”

John Ritz is always known to put his clients’ satisfaction before anything else, and in addition, he has been described by clients—past and present, as a dedicated mortgage broker. As part of his social responsibility, John currently serves as part of the Gibbsboro Planning and Zoning Board, a responsibility he took at the start of 2020 and carries to this day.

Away from mortgage loans and managing Dragon Mortgage LLC, John resides in Gibbsboro, New Jersey, with his wife and two daughters, and he hopes to continue to grow his company to a point where life becomes easy for every one of his clients.

Learn more about John by visiting his LinkedIn profile.

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