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Jovanny Cenel and His Story as a Credit Expert

Jovanny Cenel already met a financial struggle even at the age of eighteen because of his lack of expertise in credit spending. He had wrecked his credit by not knowing how to leverage the credit the right way. Jovanny also made investments that do not make any sense, aside from a personal loan that reached almost $80,000. After realizing that his credit is already down the hill, he has made a real-life commitment to himself to restore his credit. This time, he will never be naive again to leverage a bad debt.

He decided to make another investment using borrowed money. Jovanny Cenel borrowed this from one of his uncles, who has no idea that Jovanny’s credit was already terrible.

“No banks wanted to loan me a dime and I couldn’t blame them,” he says. “I stumbled upon this online credit repair course which changed my life completely. I was working at 2 jobs at the time [Pizza Hut and Lacoste] while going to college.”

Jovanny Cenel took a course he started by repairing my credit, and eventually, he helped his friends and family do the same for free. “When I was done repairing their credit I knew I had a valuable skill set,” he says. “I then started to monetize from it by referrals and door to door sales.”

He grew his business to a 6-figure-business in the first year of its operation. Jovanny Cenel asserted that he is a firm believer that the more problems you solve, the more money you’ll make. A sale is made when a problem is solved.

He has spent every penny from his earnings towards personal development. He participated in seminars, courses and even read books. At first, his friends and family did not think it would work since they knew that he does not excel academically.

Jovanny Cenel then dominated his sector and eventually branched off to the financial side of credit, which is Credit Acquisition. He has mastered the credit sector and has built three successful businesses that provided him a positive cash flow every month. As a result, he is now in the ATM, car renting, and real estate business. All these are built by leveraging credit at 0% interest.

His company uses a method that is to restore credit. It is a method used by only 3% of credit repair companies nationwide. Also, the company he built offers a 100% money-back guarantee if they see no results within 45 days. He also assures that they remove certain remarks from an individual’s credit prole within 24-72 hours. Jovanny Cenel uses proprietary technology that puts us ahead of the competition.

Jovanny assures that he has built a place where there are trusted partners with numerous real estate and reputable car dealerships because the method they use is effective and efficient. He and his team help thousands of people all across the United States repair their credit every year. They are in the top 10 credit repair companies in the United States of America.

“We cater to people with bad credit, no credit and great credit,” he says. “People with bad credit can restore their credit. People with no credit can help them build their credit. People with great credit.”

Jovanny Cenel does not subscribe to competition, but he believes that they dominate. As a credit expert, he makes sure that he gives the customer the full scope of how the company works and what they can expect from this all.

“I educate the customer on something 99% of credit repair companies fail to do. For me it’s not the money because to be quite frank $2500 won’t make or break me and I’m most cases it won’t break them either but what I know can break them is the possibility of missing out on life changing investments that could change their life and family’s life for the better. The lifetime value of our customer is not $2500 its 10-15k because they end up coming back for other services we offer.”

Learn more about Jovanny Cenel and his company through his website and his Instagram.

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