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Joylynn M. Ross’s Exceptional Journey from Writer to Publishing Powerhouse through Path To Publishing

Understanding one’s superpower early enough and harnessing it appropriately are two surefire steps to achieving success and making a difference in any field. Joylynn M. Ross’s journey from writer to publisher depicts realizing a higher sense of purpose and pursuing it relentlessly.

As a writer, Joylynn M. Ross knew what it meant to have the desire to be seen and heard. She understood what it took to get published and how much writers struggled with getting their works out to their audience. Thus, from the time her first ever book got published, she embarked on the journey of becoming a powerhouse in the literary world and a changemaker for other writers like her.

Having been in the literary world for over 23 years, Joylynn M. Ross has taken on the role of steering other writers in the right direction toward success. She founded Path To Publishing, a publishing company that is dedicated to helping writers, authors, business owners, CEOs and entrepreneurs achieve success in their writing and publishing journeys. Through Path To Publishing, Joylynn helps writers and authors looking for publishing solutions get their content and books out into the world.

She leverages her experience as a writer to help other writers build businesses out of their books and publications. “I help them harness their strengths by using their books and publications to highlight their existing business or even scale their business to levels they never imagined. Some of the authors I have worked with have been able to use their books and publications to validate themselves as experts in their field,” she said. “One’s publishing success is just as important as their writing success, so I serve as a resource to assist individuals with getting a return on their investment in both.”

Joylynn M. Ross, the author of Act Like an Author, Think Like a Business: Ways to Achieve Financial Literary Success, has shared valuable nuggets on achieving success in the writing world. Path To Publishing guides as a literary consulting firm, offering a wide range of publishing services, online writing and publishing courses, and publishing workshops and conferences.

Under her leadership, Path To Publishing tells writers what to do, teaches them what to do, shows them what to do and handles important tasks on their behalves to help them reach their literary and financial goals. Joylynn’s core mission is to help writers build businesses out of their books and stories. “I am committed to helping you build your book, your book business, and create multiple streams of income to sustain and grow your business and elevate your career. But what I’m most passionate about is enabling you to share your strategies, systems, content, resources, and stories through the written word to benefit the personal, business, spiritual, and/or financial development and growth of others,” she said.

With forty books and publications under her belt in different genres and names, Joylynn M. Ross has a working formula that she’s willing to share with other writers and authors through Path To Publishing. She also recently took a dive into the gospel genre with her Christian fiction piece titled “Me, Myself & Him,” lending credence to her range as a writer, author, publisher and literary entrepreneur.

Joylynn M. Ross sees her path as a writer and publisher as a journey and an opportunity to impact lives. She took the calling, embraced it and has turned it around to become valuable enough for others to want to be a part of it. “I’ve lied to myself in so many ways, keeping me operating at a five. But I’m a ten. The real me is a ten! That true me (truth) is a ten buried beneath the lying me (the five). And I’m determined to catch up to myself- the real me,” she said. I am embracing my creative mode to help far more people and leaving the survival mode that only thinks about how much money I’m bringing in. In creative mode, I’m not thinking about money at all. I’m operating under the standard of putting out as much value as possible. This is what I hope to continue to achieve with Path To Publishing and every writer or author we work with.”

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