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JTS Vacations Taking the Travel Industry by Storm in a Post-COVID World

In a world that had its travel industry shut down for over a year, getting travel right once the world opened up is non-negotiable. JTS Vacations has set up shop to ensure that traveling becomes a hobby for many people again.

As a fully hands-on travel concierge, JTS Vacations aims to deliver hassle-free travel planning to anyone looking to experience new places for vacation, business, tourism, or any other reason. The company helps with planning every detail, aspect, and itinerary to maximize the client’s experience. JTS Vacations’ operational structure is set up so that the client only needs to pay for the service, pack their bags, and show up on their travel date.

Founded by Shamica Davis, an avid traveler, JTS Vacations was born out of her love for planning family vacations. Doing that for some years gave her the idea that she could turn it into a business. She did that, and now the world has a business actively connecting everyone to their dream places and locations. JTS Vacations had its fair share of early struggles, and from those struggles, Shamica discovered the gaps that needed to be filled with solutions. “I would use the online booking tools and would have to continuously call back and would always get someone different and would have to explain my travel needs all over again. I saw what those sites were not doing and the level of customer service that was nonexistent. I knew there had to be a better way to provide customer service and give custom design vs. cookie cutter or one-size-fits-all experiences,” she said.

JTS Vacations came to life as a full-service travel firm with customized experience at the core of its mission. The company takes up all the heavy lifting and designs the traveling process to suit clients’ needs, fantasies, and expectations. Shamica, who calls herself her clients’ CEO (Chief Experience Officer), hopes to entice everyone who loves traveling and wants to experience the world. The goal for the company is to be known as a top expert in planning and making vacations happen. Shamica also plans to establish a Chief Experience coaching program that teaches new travel agents all they need to know about running a successful travel brand or company. Shamica wants to help new travel businesses do better by showing them the strategies that work.

In five years, she sees JTS Vacations as a multimillion-dollar company that makes trips happen for individuals and groups throughout the year. The company hopes to take away the burden of planning their travels in addition to the already hectic lifestyles they have. “Over the last seven years, we’ve provided premier travel design services that give our clients the best offers and experience. In addition, we have access to partners and networks that allow us to ensure that everyone who chooses our services receives the best 4 & 5-star accommodations, most comfortable flights, and world-class itineraries without lifting a finger.

Learn more about JTS Vacations on the official website.

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