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Kafune Amor Hair Care Boosts Women’s Confidence With Wigs

Hair has always been referred to as a woman’s crowning glory. But what happens when women experience hair loss and no longer feel confident in themselves as a result? Many Black women are susceptible to alopecia, a hair loss condition. When this happens, women often turn to wigs to restore their confidence in celebrating their hair. Kafune Amor Hair Care was created by a Black woman for all Black women who want to feel good about their hair. 

Hair plays a big part in Black culture, and many Black girls grow up having their hair styled by their parents. This hair care routine builds a bond and an increased appreciation for their hair. The founder of Kafune Amor Hair Care, Shemika Jackson, grew up with this experience. Her mother was in cosmetology school, so Shemika’s love for styling and caring for hair started at a young age. “I remember taking every opportunity I could to style anything,” the founder said, “My mom would bring home mannequins meant for styling, cutting and dying hair. When she was done with them, I would take them and create my own styles and experiment with different techniques.” 

Though her love for hair care and styling never went away, it took a backseat as she progressed in school and university. Shemika had started a career in a different industry, but she was still searching for a purpose and for a way to feel fulfilled. Unfortunately, in her late 20’s, Shemika started losing her hair. She tried several solutions, including going to a dermatologist for injections to stimulate hair regrowth and trying different hair care products. But due to the nature of her alopecia, none of these methods were successful in helping her hair. “I was devastated,” she recalled, “I felt like I lost a part of myself. Something I took so much pride in, something that made me feel beautiful was gone.”

Soon, Shemika Jackson looked into wigs. When she found a way to incorporate customized units into her hair, she felt she had found herself again. “That’s how I started Kafune Amor Hair Care. In learning about wigs, I learned how to feel confident about myself once more,” Shemika said, “And I wanted to share that gift to other women going through the same thing.”

Kafune Amor Hair Care is built on genuine firsthand experience and knowledge. With these, the company provides top-quality services and products. The most innovative hair solution they offer is a methodical four-step system that helps women understand Kafune products and create perfect results with their lace front wigs. 

The brand’s signature four-step lace wig system consists of Protect, Conceal, Hold, and Release. Protecting edges and keeping wigs in good condition is the foundation of this system. Kafune Amor Hair Care also offers several products to help women conceal and reduce the lace showing at the edges. There are also multiple product options for how long the wig will hold, ranging from a day to three weeks. Wig removal products are also available so women can take off their wigs easily without damaging them and their hair underneath. 

Since she began providing wigs and hair care solutions, Shemika Jackson has created customized hair units for hundreds of clients. She has been instrumental in helping so many women regain their confidence after experiencing hair loss. “Going on a lace wig journey is a learning process, and my company and I are here to help them every step of the way. We also teach clients about wig care, but more importantly, we also focus on caring for their natural hair,” Shemika said, “I have been where they are, and Kafune Amor Hair Care is here to help.”

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