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Katya Dmitrieva: A Beacon of Intuition in Life Coaching

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In the dynamic field of life coaching, Katya Dmitrieva is a name that resonates with many. With over a decade of experience, Dmitrieva has crafted a unique approach to life coaching that marries intuition with business acumen. Her Intuitive Life Coaching Academy (ILCATE) has transformed the lives of countless individuals, fostering personal growth and entrepreneurial success.

Born in the Soviet Union and educated in the Soviet Union as it transitioned to Russia, Dmitrieva’s path to becoming an intuitive life coach was both fascinating and inspiring as she experienced hardship first hand during and through the fall of the Soviet Union. Her innate desire to help others, coupled with her personal struggles, led her to delve into meditation, self-discovery, and spirituality. This journey of self-exploration not only helped her connect with her intuition but also paved the way for her career in life coaching.

“I was always intuitive, but growing up in the Soviet Union and Russia, it was not something that you talk about a lot,” Dmitrieva shared. “In the United States, I started deep self-exploration and diving deeper into my spirituality — developing my intuitive skills, learning about intuition and about meditation. This experience was the catalyst in developing what is today the ILCATE school and program.”

Dmitrieva’s intuitive skills and passion for helping others eventually led her to her calling. A chance introduction to a life coaching certification program by a friend marked the beginning of her journey in this field. She soon started her own private coaching business, focusing on helping entrepreneurs, healers, and individuals interested in exploring their psyche.

Dmitrieva’s approach to life coaching is far from conventional. She harnesses the power of intuition and creativity to help her clients unlock their highest potential. She encourages her clients to tap into their ‘third eye’ to find answers within themselves.

“Intuitive life coaching is different from conventional coaching,” Dmitrieva explained. “Conventional coaching focuses on goals, objectives, and taking what you say for a face value. We ‘go deep,’ like being a Sherlock Holmes, going deep into one’s subconscious to identify their blockages, limiting beliefs, understand their traumas, and shift them from whatever past restraints potentially holding individuals back from a successful present and future.”

In 2020, Dmitrieva took her passion for intuitive life coaching a step further by launching the Intuitive Life Coaching Academy (ILCATE). Accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), the academy offers a comprehensive life coaching education that focuses on intuitive development, creativity, and hands-on practice. The academy has already seen seven groups graduate, and Dmitrieva plans to continue expanding the program.

A Transformational Journey

The Intuitive Life Coaching Academy is more than just an educational institution; it’s a transformational journey. Over the course of six months, students embark on a journey of self-discovery and self-actualization, refining their intuitive skills, and learning how to serve their clients, students, or staff more effectively.

The academy fosters a vibrant community of graduates who continue to support one another even after the program’s completion. This reflects Dmitrieva’s commitment to creating a supportive and collaborative environment where like-minded individuals can connect and grow together.

“The Intuitive Academy of The Third Eye gave me the tools, modalities, training, and expertise to confidently move forward and step into my purpose as an Intuitive Life Coach,” shares one graduate, underscoring the profound impact of Dmitrieva’s program.

A Comprehensive Curriculum

The program’s curriculum is built around three key methods: Intentional Coaching, Intuitive Coaching, and Inspirational Coaching. Each method serves a unique purpose in fostering the student’s development and helping them establish a successful coaching practice. The curriculum also covers core coaching fundamentals as defined by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), focusing on coaching skills and processes, and equipping students with techniques such as deep, active listening and asking empowering questions. The curriculum also covers coaching for deeper breakthroughs, creating awareness around limiting beliefs and inner blocks, and facilitating effective change.

Real-Life Application and Experience

The academy’s commitment to real-life application and experience sets it apart. Students start putting their new skills and knowledge into practice right away, with peer coaching practicum and mentor coaching feedback. They also gain access to a private student group, providing them a platform to apply what they are learning and connect with fellow students.

As part of the program, students receive an ICF Certification as a Professional Life Coach, six months of live facilitation and support, peer and mentor coaching practicum, a printed student guide and resources, and access to program materials in an online portal.

Transforming Lives

At the heart of Dmitrieva’s program is the belief in coaching as a transformative experience for both the coach and the client. As one graduate puts it, “Life Coaching is a life-changing experience for both the coach and the client. I have been the happy recipient of its glorious alterations to my life and my thoughts and I have had the honor of seeing real, profound, permanent change in others”.

Dmitrieva’s Intuitive Life Coaching Academy is not just another online course; it’s an experience that facilitates personal growth and life transformation. Through this program, Dmitrieva is making a meaningful impact in the world of life coaching, helping individuals uncover their purpose, and empowering them to support others in their journey of personal growth and transformation.

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